Contact Lenses From Acuvue Could Change Everything For You

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It is easier to move over to contact lenses, but do remember to keep your glasses with you. You may need them in case you develop an eye infection or want give your eyes a break. Before you start using contact lenses, it is advisable to take an appointment for an eye test with your optician. He/she can advise you which lenses are suitable for your eyes.

Branded contact lenses from ACUVUE are designed for comfort. Even in the dry environment such as air-conditioned offices, air travel, computer work, and daily commuting. These lenses support the health of your eyes as they are ultra-smooth and enhanced with extra wetting agents using unique HRDRACLEAR plus technology. For clear, white, and healthy eyes they deliver 100% oxygen to the eyes so you won’t feel that you are wearing contact lenses.

For first-time contact lens wearers, putting in and taking out contact lenses from ACUVUE seem to be quite intimidating, but you will feel comfortable once you get used to it. Follow certain guidelines to put in and take out Acuvue contact lenses.

  1. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and soak them before handling your contact lenses.
  2. Place the lens on your index finger and examine the edges. If the edges of the lens are curved outward with a lip at the top, then simply flip the edges around and get your contact lenses ready to wear.
  3. Use your hand with the contact lens to pull your lower lid down for making space to place contact lens within your eyes.
  4. Gently move your index finger towards the center of your eyes. Without blinking place the contact lenses directly onto the center of your eyeball or onto the white of the eye.
  5. Look in different directions and slowly move eyes around to centralize the contact lens.
  6. Blink a few times to let the lens settle. Once you feel comfortable, repeat the steps for the other eye.

Guidelines to follow for taking out your contact lenses

  1. Wash and dry hand before handling contact lenses from ACUVUE. 
  2. Pull your lower lid downward gently with your middle finger, creating space for your index finger and thumb.
  3. Use your index finger and thumb to slide the contact lens on to the white portion of the eye. Squeeze each side of the lens between the index finger and thumb to lift the lens away.
  4. Slowly release both the lids and repeat the same procedure for another eye.

If you wear daily disposable branded contact lenses from ACUVUE you can throw them away once you have used them. This is the most hygienic way of wearing contact lenses. In case you are wearing reusable contact lenses, just clean them and leave them in disinfecting solution before you go to bed.

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