Consuming Spirits Legal Aspects

by Uday Patel Seo Professional & Content Writer India
The crazy water as red Indians used to call it is subject to legislation in all countries where no prohibition exists. In many countries alcohol consumption though legal is subject to local laws but at times the federal regulations also come into the picture.  

Separate laws exist for indigenous tribe who consume locally made alcohol as a custom. But for urban populations laws applicable differ from that on traditional communities. This is the way for securing rights and customs of traditional communities.     

Since in excess, consumable spirit can destabilize human mind, altering normal behavior hence regulation comes into the picture. Safe drinking entails that you cannot drive after drinking and this is applicable on almost all countries. Various penal actions are taken if instance of drunk driving comes into notice by  the authorities. 

Though rare, in some Nations consumption may exceed norms and then the Government has to take remedial actions. Taxes are the easiest way to curb excess consumption. Increased price discourages purchase and the consumption. 

But in some countries people resort to locally made cheap liquor which is very harmful and hence a balance has to be made. This is a dicey preposition since illegally brewed spirits are any how consumed and some can become poisonous and kill. As a safety measures some State institutions distill the brew themselves under strict observation and supply to the poor lot. This assures safety in terms of quality and the consumable substance. Normally in many countries the consumption is banned by religious indictment or social traditions. This acts as a check but the times are changing fast.    

Booze is a wonderful recreation and carries some health benefits as well if consumed in prescribe limits. In many societies this is a way of life, and is treated as such in order to avoid long term consequences of excess consumption.

Addiction though rampant globally thankfully the percentage is much limited. Addiction is curbed perhaps by instincts and traditions which discourage excess consumption. But it is the human sensibility that keeps them in the limit.   

Wine, beer and even hard liquor benefit health and some aspect of life whence under prescribed limit. In societies which consume within the guidelines of traditions they follow there is no mass damage to health. 

For youngsters boozing has become a way of life and unlike adults they have a tendency to go out of limits. This often happens at bars and restaurants as well in the party and juvenile events. 

The parents and governments make the younger lot responsible drinkers usually through advice and examples. But even then it has become mandatory for the State to enact a law. The law fixes and states legal drinking age in their country. The bars, restaurants and lounge have to state and follow the law. In these places of recreation young below eighteen years cannot be sold liquor in an form. 

Although eighteen year cap is ubiquitous the age limit may vary from one country to another. Not only the state but even the parents should see that the rule is followed. Young adults whence they cross over the age restrictions should consume liquor in prescribed limits.   

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