Construction of a Cartridge Heater

by Pratik Mehta Arihant Heaters

A cartridge heater is an industrial heating element in the shape of a tube that may be inserted into drilled holes. Cartridge heaters are extensively used in the heating process industry because they provide localised and precise heating. Cartridge heaters are typically used to heat a metal block from the inside, and they can be custom produced to a precise watt density based on the application's needs.

The most common application for cartridge heaters is to heat metal objects through insertion into drilled holes. The heaters are somewhat undersized in relation to their nominal diameter for ease of installation.

Let’s check out the construction of a cartridge heater and understand the importance of each part,

The cartridge heater is made up of seven major parts:

       Heating Coil





       Lead Wire Type

       Watt Density 

Heating Coil: The actual resistance, which is where the electrical load occurs, is the heating coil. A Nickel-Chromium alloy, often known as Nichrome, is the most frequent form of metal alloy used for this purpose. The amount of spirals per inch varies depending on the intended watt density of the Nichrome wire wound together around the ceramic core.

Insulation: To keep the Nichrome coil from coming into touch with the sheath, this device is utilised. A catastrophic short-circuit would result in a melted sheath and a serious equipment failure if such an occurrence occurred.

Sheath: The component of the cartridge heater that makes contact with the material or substance to be heated is called the sheath. Regardless of the type of application, such as strongly acidic or corrosive settings, a variety of metal alloys are used.

Sealing: After the MgO has been put into the cartridge heater, a seal is attached to the open end (where the Nicrome coil was entered), preventing the coil and MgO from escaping.

Termination: Cartridge heaters manufacturers in India must build cartridge heaters to fulfil specified clearances because they are used in a wide range of machines. The lines from the cartridge heaters can be terminated straight or at a right angle. In addition, the producer must ensure that the leads are not exposed to temperatures that exceed the lead wire's maximum temperature rating.

Lead Wire Type: The type of wire utilised will vary depending on the clearance and design of the machine where the cartridge heater will be installed. Cartridge heaters and other high-temperature uses, such as automobile wiring harnesses and industrial equipment, are typically made of fibreglass.

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