Advantages of industrial heaters

by Pratik Mehta Arihant Heaters

Heating is necessary for both residential and industrial applications, such as cooking and ironing, as well as melting metals, hardening and tempering, case-hardening, drying, and welding. Almost all of the heating requirements can be met using electric heating equipment.

Industrial heaters are used in a range of procedures that require increasing the temperature of an object or process. For instance, lubricating oil must be heated before being administered to a machine, and a pipe may require the use of a tape warmer to avoid freezing in the cold. 

Let’s checkout the benefits of industrial heaters to understand its importance in manufacturing units. 

Improve Plant and Personnel Safety

It's no mystery that near-misses and mishaps in industries like oil and gas and chemical processing may taint safety records. Many companies' excellent safety records have become a major selling advantage. It is not unusual for safety to be one of a company's top core values or strategic imperatives. Many firms are able to maintain or even improve their safety scores by implementing particular safety goals. Direct-fired heating is inherently dangerous, and it can become even more so when flammable fluids and chemicals are not properly monitored and managed. This is not the case with industrial heaters. 

Increase Reliability

If an industrial heater goes down abruptly, it is critical that action be done right away to determine the problem and get the equipment back up and running as soon as possible. To minimize downtime and maximize application uptime efficiency, a system that provides a timely and reliable mechanism to recognize shutdowns is critical.


Because dust and ash are fully avoided in an electric heating system, it is a clean system with low cleaning expenses.


Hand-operated or completely automatic switches can provide simple, accurate, and dependable temperature control. In an electric heating system, the desired temperature or temperature cycle can be achieved precisely, which is not possible in conventional heating systems.

Requirements for Special Heating:

Only an electric heating system can meet certain heating requirements, such as uniform material heating or heating of one region of the job without affecting others, heating of non-conducting materials, and heating without oxidation.

High Utilization Efficiency:

Electric heating has a higher overall efficiency than other heating systems because the source may be sent directly to the location where heat is required, reducing losses. Furthermore, there is no combustion product that involves heat losses.

It has been determined that 75 to 100 percent of the heat produced by electric heating can be properly utilized, whereas the efficiencies of gas, solid fuel, and oil heating are correspondingly 60 percent, 30 percent, and 60 percent.

Workplace Improvements:

The electric heating system makes no annoying noise and has low radiating losses. As a result, working with electric furnaces is simple and enjoyable.

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