Common Indication for Elbow and Shoulder Arthroscopy

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Arthroscopy is a very popular medical procedure used for detecting, examining and treating various types of bone and joint issues using a special device known as an arthroscope. The procedure has gained a lot of popularity owing to its minimally invasive approach. You can easily find the best arthroscopy hospitals in India where you can avail for the treatment at considerably lower rates. Arthroscopy has a lot of benefits and ensures a shorter recovery period. It can also be used for treating orthopaedic problems in children. In fact, all the best hospitals for paediatric orthopaedics in India offer arthroscopy as one of the major treatment options. It should, however, be kept in mind that although arthroscopy can be used to examine all kinds of joint issues, it cannot help to treat all of them and severe joint problems might even call for the need of a more invasive technique.

Elbow Arthroscopy

Elbow Replacement Surgery in India has been quite helpful in treating patients suffering from various different types of elbow problems and injuries. The surgery aims at the removal of a damaged elbow joint and replacing it with an artificially created graft made of plastic, metal or ceramics. Although elbow replacement is performed in case of chronic joint problems, minor problems can be treated with the help of less invasive methods like arthroscopy. Elbow Replacement Surgeons In India use arthroscopy to examine the affected area and plan a proper medical protocol to be undertaken.

  • Arthroscopy can be used to treat issues like infections due to internal injuries, arthritis which leads to joint disintegration, joint inflammation and unexplained symptom that lead to chronic pain and discomfort.
  • Elbow contracture or elbow stiffness which may result from an injury or blow to the elbow. This might restrict the movement of the elbow and impact your ability to bend or straighten your arm. Arthroscopy can be used here to release the strain which in turn helps to improve the movement.
  • Sometimes fragments of bones or cartilage may break free and damage the surrounding tissue leading to utter pain. Arthroscopy can be used to remove these fragments safely as the arthroscope has a camera attached to it which helps to detect these fragments very easily.
  • Elbow Arthritis can lead to thinning of the elbow cartilage and formation of bone spurs. These bone spurs can grow and size and eventually restrict movement leading to inflammation, pain and stiffness, arthroscopy can be used to remove bone spurs.
  • Lateral Epicondylitis commonly known as tennis elbow is a very common elbow problem that can be treated with the help of medicines and therapies. However, if these fail to work then arthroscopy can be used. The damaged tendon can be easily removed with the help of arthroscopy.
  • Osteochondritis Dissecans also known as OCD is triggered by the lack of blood supply in a particular part of the humerus one know as the capitellum. It is likely to affect young adults and teenagers. In some cases, the affected bone might even start to crumble. Arthroscopy can be used to treat this.

Shoulder arthroscopy

Just like elbow arthroscopy, shoulder arthroscopy can help to treat a wide range of shoulder-related issues and injuries. Total shoulder replacement and reverse shoulder replacement in India are quite popular however there are certain problems that do not require such invasive treatments and can be easily treated via arthroscopy. The traditional surgery can limit your range of motion and prevent you from performing various activities even after the treatment, however, arthroscopy helps to evade the problem by not affecting the range of motion.

  • Shoulder arthroscopy is recommended to patients with a damaged rotator cuff and those who experience loss or paralysis of both rotator cuff and deltoid muscles
  • It can also be used to treat infections due to bone and cartilage fragments that break free due to an injury or pertaining disease.
  • Some patients with a progressive disease of the nervous system that has affected the joint
  • It can be used to remove bone spurs.
  • Arthroscopy can help to remove or repair damaged labrum as well as damaged ligaments, tissues and loose cartilage.
  • Shoulder dislocation can also be treated with the help of shoulder arthroscopy.

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