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Geyser or water heaters are mostly used in common home appliances. These are used to heat the water, which is used for various purposes.

Here are some common water heater issues their causes and possible solutions. One of the most common issues is running out of hot water, if you have been enjoying a nice hot shower that suddenly goes cold you know how uncomfortable and frustrating.

There are major causes of this issue:

•          Water heater not big enough

•          Hard water deposits

•          Hot water takes too long

Water heater not big enough

Your water heater may not be the right size for the water you are using and there are a couple of factors to create this

•          First, all your family has grown and there are more people who used hot water at the same time?

•          You have had a change in routine and you are using hotter water at the same time for different things.


You may need to adjust the schedule of the water heater or upgrade to a larger capacity water heater.

Hard water deposits

Another cause of running out of hot water is hard water deposits. Hard water deposits build up over time and take up space in the bottom of the water heater lowering its capacity. In addition, calcium deposits on your heating element can cause it to heat less efficiently causing you to run out of hot water sooner.


Installing a water softener solves a number of common problems caused by hard water and can extend the life of your water heater. You can also flush your water heater once a year to remove any hard water deposits .if you suspect that hard water build-up has affected your heating element it is a good idea to consult a geyser repair services so that they will assign a professional and inspect your geyser.

Hot water takes too long

The next common issue is your hot water takes too long to get to the faucet (A faucet is a device that controls the flow of a liquid or gas from a pipe or container). If it takes longer than 10seconds to get the hot water you are wasting time, money and our natural resources.

The likely cause is that your the water heater is too away from the faucet and it has to push all of the existing water in your pipe through before that can deliver you hot water.


 You can have a pump install that will cycle the cold water back into your water heater and bring the hot water to your faucet before you turn it on.

Alert: Before checking the geyser one should remember that it has to be unplugged.

We use geysers or water heaters daily if it has any problem then it will affect our daily activities. You have any problem with geysers or water heater, kindly contact the nearby geyser service center.

Doorstep Hub is one of the leading companies in providing the best geyser repair services on time.  Doorstep Hub also provides experienced and qualified nearby geyser technicians.

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