Commercial Grease Traps Help Prevent Environmental Issues

by Alan Brown Grease trap cleaning service

Commercial grease traps are more than just equipment used to keep a kitchen clean. They play an important role in saving the environment too. Grease trap installation is a necessary thing for any commercial establishment and many city councils across the globe have made it a law.

Here, we will be talking about what makes opting for grease traps environmentally friendly. This will include different aspects of a grease trap, like FOG, regular cleaning, maintenance, grease trap agencies, and more.

1.      The Dangers of Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG)

These three are the main sources of clogged pipes, damaged plumbing, and odor problems. Moreover, blockages in sewage systems can lead to wastewater back-up in the pipes. This can lead to environmental and health hazards. There are also fire risks that such inflammable products can pose. Opting for a grease trap ensures that the FOG is not let out into the wastewater system. Moreover, a grease trap cleaning service helps maintain the grease trap which, by extension, keeps the FOG in check.

2.      The Plus Points of a Properly-Installed Commercial Grease Trap

Contacting a professional for the proper installation of your grease trap brings down the risks of FOG leaks, big time. Such experts have in-depth knowledge about grease traps. They also have modern suitable equipment that helps them do their job better. Hiring them also ensures that the laws pertaining to environmental standards are followed. You won’t face any fines or liability issues. They will also answer all your questions related to grease traps in an easily understandable manner, like the grease trap cleaning cost, ways to maintain grease trap, and more.

3.      Choosing the Suitable Grease Trap

Grease traps can be installed indoors or outdoors. It basically depends on which one is more beneficial for you. But you should always let the experts suggest what will be better. This is because the installation takes into consideration the size along with the following:

·         Amount of FOG and water produced

·         Whether your commercial establishment has an automatic dishwashing system

·         City regulations related to wastewater

·         Potential freezing out outdoor grease traps

·         How often the grease trap will be cleaned

·         Pumping capacity

All these require professional expertise. So, it is strongly suggested to contact a grease trap cleaning service agency for this.

4.      The Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning a grease trap follows the 25% rule. According to this rule, you should get your grease trap cleaned when the FOG reaches 25% of it. Anything beyond 25% and chances of your grease trap malfunctioning will rise. Usually, the time for this is 3 months on average. However, smaller ones may reach the level in 2 months too. The best way to find out when to have the cleaning is to contact the grease trap agency.

5.      Professional Advice

As you may have already understood, it is always better to hire experts for any kind of grease trap issue, cleaning, or maintenance. Scheduled cleaning and maintenance of grease traps are what ensure their longevity. And for all of these, professional advice is essential. Many grease trap agencies also offer sustainable waste disposal. This is a plus that lets you showcase your environmentally-friendly nature to the customers. 

These points show how opting for grease traps help prevent environmental issues. Keeping these points in mind is essential for you as the owner of a commercial establishment. This will certainly help your establishment earn a name in the minds of your customers.

Author Bio: Alan is a famous blogger on commercial grease trap cleaning service and other aspects of the grease trap. Here he mentions 5 points that show how opting for grease traps helps prevent environmental issues.

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