Coffee Beans – The real mantra of gourmet coffee drinks!

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Coffee beans are generally the seeds that are produced by the coffee plant. Though, they are considered to be beans, but, are not actually beans in the true sense. The plant of coffee consists of red or purple fruits known as cherries or coffee berries, while the stone that is present inside is known as a bean. This is the actual source of coffee. It is this bean from which coffee beans are produced and which is used to produce types of coffee beverages like the latte, espresso, and cappuccino. 

Facts of coffee beans
The endosperm of coffee seed contains nearly 0.8% to 2.5% of caffeine. This caffeine is important to give characteristic flavor.
Coffee beans are the major export items in most of the countries. The coffee arabica is preferred nearly 70-75% worldwide. The other important coffee species that is cultivated majorly is coffee canephora.

How are coffee beans processes?
The processing of coffee beans is done before they are ready to use in preparing cappuccino, latte. The processing involves that removal of beans from the coffee cherries. The fruit is then discarded or is brought in use as a fertilizer. The seeds are then grounded to prepare various types of beverages.

Difference between espresso beans and coffee beans
There is a difference between espresso beans and normal coffee beans. The espresso beans are the concoction of beans. They are darkly roast like Vienna or light French roast. In order to flavor the coffee, natural oils are basically used. Nearly, half an ounce of oil is added to a pound of coffee beans in order to flavor them.

Thus, the major concern for all coffee drinkers is its flavor. Hence, special attention is being given in order to ensure that the best flavor is obtained from the beans. Roasting of beans is important to bring out the best of the flavors from the beans. The carbohydrate, as well as the fat content in the coffee beans, gets transformed into the aromatic oils by the process of heat. This gives rise to the great coffee flavor.
The coffee beans suppliers ensure to deliver the best results to the customers. Well-qualified personnel is appointed in order to ensure that the best flavor is extracted from the beans and that can allure the customer.

Thus, coffee is the most preferred drinks in the world. The importance of coffee is dependent majorly on its flavor. The processing and roasting of beans affect the taste and flavor of coffee.

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