Choosing your career in HR

by Mayank K. mayankseo

Want a career in Human resource? Or confused well, bear with us as we discuss about Human Resource (HR).

First let us clear the misconception that most of the people have about Human resource jobs.

1} Very good communication is required skills to become an HR.

Every field requires good communications skills, but it does not mean you need to be extra ordinary to get this job. All you need to do is communicate efficiently and that can be achieved by very little bit of practice. Job of HR is to maximize the return on what has been spent on Employees and resources. You cannot judge the job until you try it. Every job requires hard work to acquire success. Discussion with peoples not having that much knowledge regarding this field will only result in inappropriate finalization.

2} HR Jobs are only for women.

This use to be the case earlier when it was taken as mild course and very few people used to opt for HR courses among which maximum were woman. But now days are changing, HR has risen to the position which requires toughness and competitiveness. Hiring, selection, appraisal, maintaining healthy enviroment in an organization is as tough as any other field in business administration. Opting for HR is a good choice as the market is not yet saturated, and there is wide scope in this field.

Now, What is Human Resource?

Human Resource manager is the key to company’s success. Depending on the Size of the organization the responsibility of the HR manager overlaps. Main responsibility of HR is to recruit manpower into the firm and retain them in healthy manner so as to facilitate growth. The day you enter as a HR in a company, print it in your mind you have been assigned a job of Father to nurture its kids.

With the size of the company the position of HR is distributed, like in huge international companies HR post is divided Into HR director, HR manager, and president and can further be divided into several more departments like recruitment manager, training manager and compensation or financial manager, whereas in small companies there can be only one HR that is HR manager who will perform all duties. Generally, one or two HR is only in companies where manpower is very low and can be efficiently handled by few people. HR Staff perform duties regarding both the company and the Employees who work in the company, in the best interest of both.

With the change of time every company requires a change and for this HR of the company must be parallel with the change in the company. He has the responsibility to make the company adaptable and customer oriented, and as well resilient to change in the enviroment. The company that can adapt the change in the needs of the customer and its enviroment is said to be the successful company, here comes the role of HR. To meet the expectation of the organization HR must act professionally, he must focus on delivery of the services rather than emphasizing on comfort of the employee and the way of getting the job done. To get your JOB done you should emphasize on how to get the momentum get going inside the employees.

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Primary HR roles Within the Organization:

  • Recruiting employees.
  • Hiring HR staffs and Temporary organization to get certain tasks done Quickly.
  • Training OF HR and Company Employees.
  • Focus on Development of organization and make it resilient to enviroment Change.
  • Provide effective communication within the organization to facilitate smooth working.
  • To get the work done.
  • Providing Recommendation and taking active part in companies Decision.
  • Salary, benefits and compensation.
  • Create an effective team to get the Job done quickly.
  • Create a Healthy relation with employees within the organization.
  • Leading the Team.
  • Engage in Business Strategy discussion.
  • Lay down Organizational Goals and maintain work strategy and identify problem area.
  • Check on performance whether it is being delivered as indented.
  • Collaborating with Other HR organization to implement better solutions and sometimes even with External HR organizations.
  • Polish the Learning community and The Fresh recruits.

HR team is installed in the company to meet the demands of ever growing need of the organization and to provide effective decision to activate the growth. The contribution of the Human resource in the company is like the Strategic Business partner who continuously strive their thinking for effective development . Role of an HR is not easy, He has to look in all places to Maintain smooth relation within the organization at same time contribute to its success.

HR capabilities should be like a champion, providing effective solution and immediate change in practice when change is required. Being a champion is not the matter of a year, it takes years of expertise and knowledge to implement flawless decision. But being a fresher you cannot expect to become a champion you have to work hard like others. If you see a polished HR employee, stop!, before that take a look hard work that he/she had put to get to that post. Remember knowledge and experience makes a man Perfect.

HR in Business Strategy is to implement the strategy into an action. To provide best decision on the welfare of both the Employee and the Company. It is a great opportunity to get a job as a HR.

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