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A common but uncomfortable condition, ingrown toenails occur when the nail penetrates where the skin meets the nail fold. This can be painful and lead to severe infection, as well as causing the nearby skin to re-grow over the nail, exacerbating the issue.

If an infected ingrown toenail isn’t treated then walking and movement can be difficult, and your quality of life can be impacted. There is a lot of debate about whether the problem is nail growth or skin growth. If you have excessive skin around the nail, constant pressure from walking can cause the nail fold to bulge up around your nail, leading to the nail growing into the skin.

Your symptoms can be different depending on which category of ingrown toenail you have; mild, moderate or severe. Mild symptoms include swelling of the skin around the toenail, inflammation and pain when pressure is applied to the toenail, moderate symptoms include increased swelling, signs of pus around the nail, indications of infection (redness and swelling), a toenail fungal infection and sores on the skin (ulceration), severe symptoms include continual and worsening inflammation and new skin growth (granulation).

If you have some or all of the symptoms listed above and are wondering how to treat ingrown toenails, you will probably require treatment. The early stage of ingrown toenail includes the surrounding skin of the toenail becomes reddened, hardened, swollen and painful, the swollen part may feel warm to the touch, pressure applied to the toe causes pain. Children limping can be a sign of ingrown toenails as they try to avoid putting pressure on the affected toes.

For prevention trim the nails straight across so that the edges protrude from the skin, don’t trim the nails too short, leave them a little a little longer so they don’t lay directly into the nailbed, wear proper fitting shoes and avoid any friction or rubbing on the toes.

If your toenail pierces your skin, bacteria will be able to enter your body more easily than usual. That’s why ingrown toenails frequently lead to septic toes and feet. The infection may cause severe inflammation. The affected area may bleed, smell unpleasant and ooze pus. Occasionally, a fever or abscess may develop.

If left untreated, an ingrown toenail infection can cause severe  infection in your toebone. A toenail infection can also lead to foot ulcers, or open sores, and a loss of blood flow to the infected area There is no need of surgery to treat your ingrown toenail. Get your groove back by using simple and easy Ingrown Toenail Treatment Kit.

The Invisi-Brace is a flexible piece of plastic that acts like a spring, gently straightening and lifting the sides of the toenail, reducing pressure against the skin. Ingrown toenail repair kit results are remarkable and painless and occurs over a few weeks. This will realign the placement of your nail to lay properly on a new pain free nail groove. 

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