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Children Learning ReadingChildren Learning Reading is a powerful program that gives you the knowledge, skills, reading lessons, printable games and activities, and audio files needed to teach children an easier and more effective way to learn how to read. Jim Yang noted that the first seven years of the child’s mental development are the most important. Parents must build their children future during this stage, and they have to cultivate healthy brain development. This period is unique, and every parent must take advantage of it, which is what it helps parents achieve. Children Learning Reading introduces a new way to teach children how to read. It’s a comprehensive program that focuses on teaching children how to read by teaching them the 44 sounds that make up the English language. By using this method, you immediately avoid confusing kids with similar word shapes that sound completely different, such as ‘cat’ and ‘cut’ or ‘but’ and ‘lot’. Instead, you’ll be teaching children how to actually read the words instead of guessing at them based on their shape.

The program is designed in two stages. There are 50 lessons in all. The first stage has 28 lessons while stage two has 22 lessons. Stage one helps to build the foundations of reading. Skills like the alphabet and sounds are included. As the lessons progress, children begin to learn more complicated words and rhymes. Stage two builds off of the skills learned in stage one. During stage two, kids learn letter combinations as well as advanced rhymes, and words. When you put the whole program together, it teaches the basics of reading. It aims to teach kids how to pronounce words properly as well as sentences. This is why it’s important that your child knows how to speak before you start with the program.

This program is great for children who are struggling to learn how to read. I used it myself to teach my son how to read. He had been having trouble learning how to recognize his initial sounds. I recommend this program because it works well for helping children learn how to read. My son learned how to read within one month of starting this program.Bottom line, Children Learning Reading adopts a different approach and features short and interactive lessons based on things kids like. It is simple and straightforward and could actually do things better than schools. Having your little one know how to read before reaching school will give them a head start in the process. Mastering the foundational reading skills will allow your child to focus on understanding the topic they are reading rather than struggle with understanding the words ultimately leading to a more rewarding and enjoyable reading experience. The techniques used to help your child read have also been shown to improve their reading, comprehension, and spelling ability in the early school years.

Children Learning Reading formulates an effective teaching strategy suitable for parents and teachers. It will help children master how to read successfully. Before introducing the book to the public, Jim Yang tested it and found it helpful. It helped him in teaching his children. If you apply the teaching, you will notice the progress within the first weeks of using it. Many parents have used it to educate their children. The Children Learning Reading book is simple and very easy to apply. That is why children would not find it hard to use it. It was programmed so that your children will be engaged and become proficient readers within a short time. This program has proved itself with the reviews and responses of so many parents from around the world so, in my opinion you must give it a try if your kid has learned speaking and is above 2 years.

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