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Children Learning ReadingChildren Learning Reading is an online program that uses a proven formula to teach children how to read to their level and beyond. It’s used by over 78,000 parents who wanted to provide their child with the foundation needed for reading success. This is a full system developed by Jim Yang as he taught his own kids to read. Jim recommends that parents start their reading program around 2.5 years old as that’s the time the kid is able to speak more clearly. If your younger toddler has more advanced speech development, you can start your child earlier. The teaching method used is phonemic awareness and has been proven to be one of the most effective methods to teach kids how to read. According to numerous studies, ensuring that your child develops learning skills early will help your child grow in self-confidence. They are also far more likely to boast of improved attention spans and higher concentration levels. With this in mind, the child will be able to have early success in their academics and enjoy learning and developing new skills as well.

Great introduction in the main e-book that clearly discusses the importance and benefits of early reading, and the steps involved in helping your child to learn reading. Program extensively teaches and helps your child to develop phonics and phonemic awareness skills. Phonemic awareness helps children learn how to interpret and read written and printed text quickly. Stage one, which is spread out into 28 lessons, is structured in such a way that helps build the basic foundations of reading. Stage 1 focuses on phonemic awareness and building a solid foundation to develop fluent reading skills while Step 2 contains more advanced lessons like focusing on letter combinations(digraphs) to help build upon the foundation that was developed in Stage 1. Stage two builds on top of the newly acquired reading skills developed during stage one. Spread out into 22 comprehensively developed lessons, stage two works on introducing letter combinations. It also features a number of further advanced rhymes, words and letters. The fact that it’s simple, easy to follow and broken down into steps, makes it incredibly effective.Children Learning Reading

Children Learning Reading

The lessons have a lot of appeals. It is enjoyable for the kids because they want to learn visually. With a combination of stories, rhymes, and pictures, learning becomes very exciting. The approach in this course is scientifically proven, and kids will be capable of generating sounds from words within no time. Another factor that makes this program recommendable, is that it does not encourage memorization. Where most educational systems encourage and stress on memorizing important facts, this program stresses more on understanding facts. This type of learning lays the foundation for successful, lifelong reading. Understanding why letters sound the way they do means that even as an adult, when they encounter a word they don’t know, they can sound it out quicker. This constructive program is developed specifically for parents having children between 2 to 6 years old. This valuable learning reading guide contains many simple and easy- to follow steps, training videos, worksheets, audios, and much more! Your child will enjoy his whole learning and reading duration.

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It was a lovely boy with fair skin. He walked straight to the empty seat diagonally in front of Hua Shi and sat down. Hua Shi was a little surprised and asked his deskmate Xiaomi in a low voice: "He...who is he?" "Transfer student," Xiaomi explained, "I saw you falling asleep when the teacher introduced him just now." Hua Shi stunned his neck and added: "He's so white." It seems that he heard others talking about himself. The boy in white shirt turned his head and smiled. With this smile, he showed a white and beautiful mouth. Good teeth-but the two front teeth are a bit big, and his face is innocent, he looks like a gentle rabbit. Hua Shi was stunned, until Xiaomi stabbed her with an elbow: "While hey Hua Hua, don't keep staring at others, girls should be reserved." She returned to her blush and shook her head and waved her hand: "No, no ..." She paused, and muttered in a dreamlike whisper that only she could hear: "I just think that he looks too much like a boy to me."

The next day, Hua Shi was secretly observing this new transfer student, his every move-he showed rabbit teeth when he laughed, he bounced when he walked, and he chewed while eating vegetables and carrots in the cafeteria. The actions... everything is so similar to Xiaoguai! All kinds of confusion and suspicion are driving Hua Shi crazy!

   Hua Shi followed the white-clothed boy with his bag after school, and he came to the circus yesterday! This is where Xiao Guai disappeared! Hua Shi's heart almost popped out of her throat. Just as she was about to yell "You really changed from a little boy", the boy suddenly lifted the curtain and disappeared.

   Huashi rushed into the tent. The black-clothed boy he met yesterday was sitting with his back against the black bear's cage. He was holding a black wooden box and looking at the yellowed old photos inside. Hua Shi wanted to walk around him, but he suddenly stood up and stretched out his hand: "I'm sorry, our performance today is over." Hanashi squinted at him: "No, I have to go in and find my rabbit." The boy seemed to be annoyed by the look in her eyes. He put down the wooden casket and pushed Hua Shi out fiercely. While half threatening and half coaxing, he said, "I said yesterday that there are no rabbits here. Go away. I will let go. The dog came to chase you. Little sister, your rabbit can't be found." "I knew you hid the rabbit! Liar!" Hua Shi yelled with his hand, "I want to find it." Come back!" She yelled so hard that she forced tears out. She suddenly remembered that more than ten years ago, when her grandma told her that her father could not find her back, she shouted like this.

   The boy took a step back from her yelling and let go. "That boy in white clothes was made by my rabbit? Why is this? What did you do?" Hua Shi asked crying. The boy was silent for a long time. He said: "In my hometown, the desert of Namibia, Lithospermum is also called the'jewel of life'." Hua Shi was stunned. What does this have to do with flesh? ! The boy continued: "On the barren soil, the creatures who live too hard will pray to the stone flower and gain new vitality to live: the hungry camel will become a wealthy businessman guarding the well and eating grapes, and the aging shepherd dog will Become a young hunter, Populus euphratica will become a flying eagle, and a young bud will become a baby...All dying creatures can live again. This is why Lithospermum flower only blooms once for so long—it takes its vigorous vitality. Share it with others."

"But they are only five years old. After five years, they will return to their original state." He looked up into Hua Shi's eyes. "This is the secret of our Nelson family. Your rabbit is only five years old. Freedom, the reason I tell you everything is that you don’t confine his hard-won freedom."

Hua Shi was so startled that he couldn't say a word. The boy showed her a picture from the wooden box: "Look, I was only 6 years old at that time, and I already knew the secret." The swarthy little boy in his arms smiled equally brightly, a black bear in the rope of his left hand. "Xiong Er?" Hua Shi pointed to Xiong and asked the boy. He smiled and shook his head: "This is Xiongda, my father's bear." He paused for a while, "He has been a human for 5 years." Hua Shi opened his mouth in shock, and the boy took out a sweetheart from the wooden box. Pendant chain: "This is what he always wore when he was a human." He opened the pendant, and inside was a photo: a beautiful woman, smiling happily, putting her hand on her swollen belly. That eyebrow, Hua Shi is too familiar with it. She cried: "This is my mother." The young man was silent for a long time, and finally put his hand on her shoulder: "Shi Shenghua's flower language is-live tenaciously."

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