Cheat Sheet for Winter: How You can Store Your Car’s Tyres Safely

by Phillip Thomas

If you use more than one set of tyres for your car (i.e. summer tyres, winter tyres, racing tyres etc.), the sets which you aren’t using at the moment needs to be stored properly. Especially during the seasons like winter, tyres need some extra bit of attention from you.

Cold weather is a significant threat to tyre rubber. Often, people don't give much thought about how or where to store the tyres. Owners end up keeping them outside or tossed up in the garage. Slowly but steadily, they start to deteriorate.

You can ensure the safety of your car’s Tyres Wheatley by storing them following some simple procedures. Here is a simple enough cheat sheet for you to help the tyres which you aren’t using last longer.

  1. Clean the tyres before storing them

When you were using the tyres on your vehicle, they catch dirt, dust and road grime. Make sure to clean the dirt out of each tyre with soap, water and a tyre brush. Dry the tyres completely before storing them. Avoid any tyre dressing.

If you’ve stored the tyres mounted on the rims, you can also clean the wheels with an approved wheel cleaner.

  1. Wrap them airtight

Once you do the cleaning, place each tyre into dark and airtight plastic bags. Before sealing the bags, remove as much air as possible to prevent the lubricating oil in the rubber compound from evaporating.

  1. Hang tyres from hooks

Hanging from hooks is a great storage option for a tyre mounted on the rims. Worth mentioning, avoid this if the tyres are not on the rims.

  1. How and where to keep

Store your car’s tyres in a cool, dry location like your basement or workshop. Avoid storing the tyres in any place which could be humid, wet and extreme cold.

  1. Store them away from sunlight

Keep tyres away from direct sunlight. If exposed to the sun, tyres can easily heat up to 120° Fahrenheit. Even the ultraviolet rays of the sun may take a toll on tyre rubber.

  1. Keep them away from ozone

Make sure your tyres are away from electronics motors, switches, furnaces and any other machinery which can generate ozone. If exposed to ozone, tyres get damaged badly.

  1. Tyre totes

Tyre totes can be used to store and carry tyres. These totes are tidy, convenient and help to move your car's tyres easily. The downside to these totes have is that they are not airtight. However, if you decide to use tyre totes, it is recommended that you put the tyres in plastic bags first.

  1. Beware of solvents

Solvents add up to the list of harmful things for tyres. They rapidly react with the rubber compound. Keep the tyres away from any fluids and chemicals, even if it’s just engine oil or the coolant.

For such car-related solutions, you can visit professional garages like Phillips Tyres. Here, you can have a wide range of services like brake repair, exhaust repair, battery repair in Bicester etc.

These tips can help you store your tyres safely. However, it is advisable to have your car’s tyres checked by a professional before you mount them back on your vehicle.

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