Chatbots – The Future Of Marketing

by Samiksha S. Author

Heard about the chatbots? You surely would have! After all, chatbots have become the buzz word when it comes to digital marketing. In the era of digitalisation and ever-changing technology, the way how brands market their products and services or interact with customers have been continuously evolving. And chatbots are the latest trend to offer a highly-personalised and conversational interface to the customers in the digital world. As chatbots are programmed to mimic voice and text chat with the customers, they emerged as a one of the most popular options in messaging platforms. While about 83% of customers require some kind of support to complete their online transactions, it is not always possible for the marketing executives to be available for them. Here, chatbots emerge as a competitive advantage for online businesses to engage and connect with the customers better. Moreover, surveys say that 95% of customers believe that brand loyalty is highly dependent on customer service. Owing to such factors, no business would like to disappoint their customers in any way, and this is exactly where chatbots have been gaining an edge. For all those businesses who are on a lookout for fresh opportunities to connect with the target customers and market their brands better, chatbots indeed present the most effective way to do so.

In this article today, we, at TimesPro, will present to you some of the reasons why we believe the Chatbots are here to rule the future of marketing.

·       Round-the-Clock Availability

While the customer support representatives work for around 8 hours a day, chatbots are available 24/7. And owing to the busy lifestyle of today, round-the-clock availability is increasingly becoming important as you never know when exactly your customers would require support. Moreover, today’s customers no longer want to wait but expect to get instant support or immediate answers to their queries. In such a situation, chatbots are the ultimate solution to resolve customer issues, be it at midnight or 3 a.m.  They provide accurate answers to customers’ queries and thereby prevent them from switching over to the competitors.

·       Increased Personalisation

Who doesn’t wants to be treated in a unique and personalised way? Everyone does, isn’t it? Every customer wants to be treated uniquely rather than being counted as just numbers. To stay ahead in the cut-throat competitive race of marketing, offering personalised experiences to customers is indeed essential. And chatbots provide maximum personalisation opportunities.  Chatbots enable brands to initiate a personalised and more meaningful conversation with customers. They first inquire and collect information about what the customer is exactly looking for and then provide them with the most relevant solutions.

·       Better Engagement

The marketing approach of engaging customers with ads or videos has become a thing of the past. Instead, chatbots that ensure active conversations have become the new way of engaging customers. Rapport building of the brands with customers through chatbots proves to be far more effective than the videos, simple ads, or other marketing efforts. With a more profound interaction, chatbots provide an opportunity for the customers to understand the brand inside out and leaves an emotional feeling as well as an entertaining experience. Chatbots create opportunities to provide the customers with much more takeaways than traditional marketing approaches.

·       Reduced Human Error Rate

There are chances that the customer support executives may make mistakes when they are tired or too busy. They may mix up things and offer answers that are not apt, thereby affecting the image of the brand. But this is never the case with chatbots. And this is why chatbots are gradually emerging as the preferable conversational agents by modern businesses. With the ability to access and process tons of data, they help in providing accurate and relevant solutions to host of problems faced by the customers.

Surveys have revealed that by the year 2021, about 85% of customer interactions will be handled by the chatbots without any human interference at all. This indicates that chatbots are here to stay and are being widely embraced in the online business world.

·       Lower Expenses

To stay competitive and improve profitability, businesses do need to find ways to reduce their expenses. This is where chatbots again emerge as the more profitable and less expensive agents. While hiring as well as on-boarding customer representatives can prove to be a costly affair, chatbots can minimise such expenses significantly. Plus, they can provide faster response times as well. Without having to maintain or update them, you can save a lot while enjoying better marketing benefits.

  • Chatbots automate large part of customer communication process, handle higher volume of marketing conversations and close more sales as a consequence. Thus incorporating them into your digital marketing strategy can assure higher bottom-line business success.

Now that you know about the power of chatbots to take the marketing efforts to next big level, it would be wise to gain more knowledge about the same to create engaging chatbot design for your organisation. And, this is where TimesPro, one of the Top Digital Marketing Institutes in India, can help you. The Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing (PGDDM) course at TimesPro has been designed to help you become well-versed with the latest tools and techniques of digital marketing, including the chatbots. It will enrich you with the knowledge about the trending digital wave and offer you a chance to acquire in-depth understanding and skills to excel in the digital marketing field. The highly qualified and expert team of mentors at TimesPro will help you to upskill yourself and gain hands-on experience in the domain. So why wait? Register for the PGDDM at TimesPro today and embark on the journey of success.


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