Chatbots Are The Future Of Customer Engagement

by Divya S. Content Writer

With the rapidly increasing popularity of the Chatbot, it has become absolutely clear that robots are the future solutions. In fact Chatbots have become the most talked about topic in the world of commerce. Conversational commerce is the emerging buzzword in business and this trend has actually opened up several new ways of conducting business profitably. The Chatbot is the key to this conversational commerce since it has opened up several new avenues of customer engagement which were hitherto considered impossible.

What is a Chatbot

The Chatbot Solution is simply a computer program that has the ability to imitate human conversations with surprising authenticity with the help of some relevant techniques of artificial intelligence like:

·         NLP or natural language processing,

·         Audio analysis,

·         Image processing and

·         Video processing.

That is not all, these Chatbots also have the ability to learn from past conversation trends and over a period of time they tend to become much more smart and intelligent.

Working of a Chatbot

There are two ways in which Chatbot Solution services work. They are:

·  Smart machine based:  Cognizant Computing and Artificial intelligence play a very important role in the working of the Chatbots. They enable the Chatbot to adapt its behaviour on the basis of previous interactions with customers. They can thus be used to come up with customised customer specific answers thereby making the customer feel valued. This helps businesses to retain their customer base by ensuring their customer’s loyalty.

·         Rule based: This method, on the other hand, uses a data base of predefined response to interact with customers. These responses are formed based on keywords used in searches conducted in the various search engines.

Advantages of using Chatbots

Today customers have become extremely tech-savvy and usually stay connected to several social platforms of their choice through their smartphones. Thus when they engage themselves with specific brands, they expect a seamlessly intuitive customer experience thereby demanding personalised recommendations and even responses which are almost real-time. This is where Chatbots have their utility since increased competition for market niches and to guarantee customer satisfaction, businesses are focusing their energies and finance to build Chatbots which have the ability to provide round the clock personalised assistance to customers.

Thus the Chatbots actually act as the human face of a company or business thereby enabling companies to gain the trust of their customers by:

·         Engaging with customers in a very friendly manner naturally,

·         Enabling a simpler interface to interact with,

·         Ensuring conversations using popular social media platforms,

·   Having the ability to handle many more customers and in quick succession thereby reducing the customer wait time when they call up for customer service,

·         Providing round the clock service which is extremely efficient and

·         Being quite easy to build and thus extremely cost efficient.

Today people across the world have started to recognise the advantages of using the Chatbot for engaging with their customers. India is no different and today there are many specialised firms who are well-known for offering many a good Chatbot Solution in Delhi. Chatbots are thus here to stay and many benefits, advantages and new effective ways of using them are yet to be discovered.

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