Chandravanshi - Are your lips black?

by Chandravanshi चंद्रवंशी Social & Political YouTuber
Chandravanshi - Are your lips black?

The things mentioned here, the treatment method and the dosage recommended, are based on the experience of experts. Before implementing any advice, be sure to ask your doctor. Lallantop does not recommend you to take medicines on your own.

Nitin, Vandana, Mehboob, Srikanth, Amaresh and Naitik. These are the names of those people who have matched us with the same problem. Actually, some time ago we mentioned on our show why your lips turn black. After that, we got many emails. Everyone said the same thing. The color of their lips has changed over time. Is this a thing to fear? That is why this is happening? Also, can the color of their lips be the same? Many people wanted us to ask the doctors and tell them the solution to their problem. So let's talk about this today.

Why are lips black?
Doctor Zeba told us this.

-The most common reason is smoking. Lips turn black due to tar and nicotine present in cigarettes. Blood vessels are blocked by nicotine. Due to which the lips do not get nutrition and supply of the right blood. Because of this, the lips become darker.
Staying in the sun too late. Melanin sales are increased in the skin due to sunlight. Increasing melanin in the body leads to the darkening of the skin.

-Allergies. Sometimes, things like lipstick or toothpaste that contain dye or smell can cause allergies and the lips may turn dark.

-Lack of water in the body.

- It is also due to a deficiency of vitamins in the body. Lips start to darken due to deficiency of Vitamin B12.

- In anemia, hemoglobin is reduced even then the color of lips changes.

-Addison disease is a hormonal condition that affects the adrenal gland. Lips also turn black in this.

-Some side effects of some medicines can also happen.

Like it happens even after taking malaria medicines or after taking some antibiotics.

- Even after chemotherapy, the lips turn dark.

What mistakes to avoid?
- By applying the spit repeatedly on the lips, the lips become dry and after some time they become dark.

-If you keep biting your lips with your teeth, then the lips become dark due to repeated injuries.

- Drinking coffee throughout the day also turns lips black.

-Caffeine present in coffee changes the color of teeth as it does with lips.

-Do not apply expired products on the lips. Using them can cause allergies and darken lips.

-While lip products are too dry or thick, their color remains on the lips. After some time the lips start to darken.

You know the reason. Now it is most important to avoid the mistakes that the doctor mentioned. See, prevention is better than cure. But if your lips are black, then know what you can do to correct them at your level. And if they are still not healing, is there any medical treatment for it?

Home remedies

-The easiest way is to apply coconut or almond oil to your lips.

Keep it overnight or apply it 2-3 times a day. This will keep the lips moist.

- You can make a scrub at home which will remove dead skin and make the lips look brighter. To make a scrub, take a slice of lemon, squeeze it and add sugar to it. Make a paste of it and scrub it on the lips for two minutes, then remove it.

-Lip masks can also be made. Add one teaspoon of honey to one teaspoon of lemon juice and add glycerin. Mix them all on the lips and leave them overnight. This will brighten the skin and also provide moisture.

Apart from this, you take a spoon of milk, add a little turmeric to it. Apply it and leave it overnight. Turmeric is antiseptic and milk contains lactic acid which lightens the skin.


First of all, your doctor will give you some lip-lightening creams to apply. In which there will be things like hyaluronic acid, cocoa butter, licorice. They will give moisture to the skin and will look like lips bright.

The second way is Peels. Peels are some mild acids that contain AHA or BHA which lighten the skin. You will have to go to a clinic for Peels. Many sessions of Peels have to be done. You can do these peels once a month or once in 15 days. Peels are quite effective.

-Q switch laser and Pico laser also remain effective. This is quite advanced technology. Sessions have to be taken in laser as well. There is a session once a month.
-Another way. This is called permanent makeup. Permanent makeup looks like a tattoo. It is a tattoo of the color of lips, is done on the lips and it is permanent. At the time of getting it done, there may be mild swelling or redness of the skin. It lasts from one week to 10 days. After that, the color remains.

If your lips are getting dark then hopefully the tips given by the doctor will definitely work for you. Will definitely try them.

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