Can You Escape the Self-Loathing, Emotional Prison of Bulimia Nervosa?

by Ellern Mede Eating Disorder Treatment

Bulimia is an eating disorder similar to anorexia, where an individual develops an irrational body image, and establish a dysfunctional solution to deal with this image. Anorexics can literally starve themselves to death. Bulimics, however, are also emotionally compelled to engage in binge eating, then to purge the food, either by forced vomiting or by laxatives, or both. People living with Bulimia often experience malnutrition and damage to teeth, aesophagus, colon, and rectum...sometimes leading to severe anorexia.

What compels Bulimics to binge and purge?

Fear and self-loathing are the primary motivations for Bulimia. The fear of starvation drives the binge, and the fear of gaining weight drives the purge. Self-loathing is at the root of it because Bulimics believe they have to be the perfect weight, or no one will love them. Some even resort to measuring everything that goes in and comes out of their bodies, to make sure it's the same amount. If you're beginning to think that this sounds a lot like Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), you win the prize.


The similarity between OCD and Bulimia Nervosa gives us a key as to which Bulimia Nervosa treatment can be effective. Often, a professional eating disorder therapist will prescribe anxiety medicine in combination with psychological counselling to help you deal with the fears involved and gain control of the emotions and self-loathing.

Closing Thoughts

Bulimia is a severe condition that can lead to physical illness or death. The good news is, you don't need to live a secret life of anxiety, binging, and purging to achieve some irrational ideal of physical perfection. Instead, you can begin the recovery process by visiting an eating disorder clinic in London and getting the symptoms under control with drug and counselling therapy.


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