Can I Wear Sports Bras While Pregnant?

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You are about to become a mommy soon but that is no reason to give up your love for fitness. It's a great thing to stay fit not only for yourself but also for your baby. You might at this time have to change the intensity of your workout from a high intensity to a moderate one in the second trimester and to a low-intensity one in the third trimester. According to doctors across the globe, a woman can and should indulge in some form of exercise till the very last day of her pregnancy if she has been given her a green signal for it by her physician.

# Workout changes at the time of pregnancy

Workouts for expecting mommies are slightly different in some ways. Along with the change in intensity level, another change that they need to incorporate in their workout is the change in their workout wear or gym attire. There are maternity exercise pants which are designed especially for pregnant women and have more elasticity around the tummy area. This extra space gives ample support to the tummy and the baby. You can ditch the skin fit t-shirts or tops for something a little loose and comfortable. When it comes to wearing a sports bra which has been your constant companion all this while, it might have to take a back seat. Not because you cannot or should not wear a sports bra while you are pregnant but because like your regular bras, your sports bra too would also require a size upgrade.

# Why change your sports bra

During pregnancy, most women experience slightly tender and bigger breasts. As your pregnancy progresses the size and tenderness only tend to increase. Your old sports bra might then cause breathlessness rather than supporting your breasts. What you need at this time is a sports bra in your size and one that is made and designed especially for pregnant women. You can even go in for an underwire maternity bra at this time but since your breasts tend to keep expanding at this stage it is best to avoid an underwire at this stage. The underwire might compress the milk ducts in your breasts and hamper the increased blood flow which is quite natural at this time.

Is your new sports bra a good fit for you?

·         In case you decide to go in for an underwire maternity sports bra make sure that the underwire sits under the breasts and not over them.

·         The band of your sports bra should sit firmly and flat on the under bust area. If the band lifts up or there is a gap between the band and your body when you lift your hands up, the bra is not a good fit for you. 

·         This is the time when your breasts need all the support they can get and if you are experiencing boob spillage in your sports bra, it is definitely not doing this job for you.

·       The bra size guide and process that you have been following all this while will be applicable now too. You can use any bra size guide readily available online.

·        If buying a bra at the start of your first trimester, don’t buy many in one go as your breast size is most likely going to increase every trimester and also after the baby is born.

# Breastfeeding sports bra

More and more women today want to get back to their old fitness level and shape soon after the baby is born. Breastfeeding is also a phase where the breasts are quite tender and need adequate support even while you are indulging in a low-intensity workout like brisk walking. Also, due to milk secretion which happens at this time, you might want to go in for the breastfeeding bras that have detachable cups and are made out of absorbent material. Alternatively, you can place absorbent pads inside your sports bra to soak in the moisture. The sports bra that you buy at this time should be made out of soft fabric so that it feels comfortable to the baby while you are breastfeeding him.



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