Reasons you must wear mouth-guards while playing sports

by Ziva Dental The Best Dental Clinic in San Antonio, TX
One of the biggest threats to your teeth is injuries caused while playing sports. Every year, thousands of people including children and adults suffer severe sports dental injuries. These injuries are caused because of not wearing mouth-guards while playing sports. Apparently such severe injuries can be easily prevented. Mouth-guards are known to provide superlative protection and are custom-fitted. 

Let’s take a look at some reasons why you need a mouth-guard while playing sports.
Protection to teeth, jaw, lips and gums

Your teeth jaw, lips, teeth and gums need to be protected while playing sports. Your teeth might get knocked out or jaws broken while playing sports. Lips or gums may also get cut. When you wear a custom-fitted mouth-guard, the entire impact gets distributed across your face and prevents severe injuries. You must never take sports injuries for granted as they may make you miss your school or work, say doctors offering orthodontic treatment in San Antonio

Teeth displacement

Your teeth might not break while playing but get displaced. For instance if you get hit by a baseball while playing, it can displace your teeth. Therefore wearing a mouth-guard is highly recommended while playing sports, say orthodontists in San Antonio

Financial costs

Severe sports injuries not only affect your work or academics but finances as well. The treatment can be really expensive as sometimes a surgery is required. Investing in a safe and custom-fitted mouth-guard is always a good option, if you are a sports enthusiast. Baseball and basketball have the highest number of dental injuries as compared to other sports. Not to say that you must wear a mouth-guard just while playing these two sports. Ice-hockey, lacrosse, wrestling, football and martial arts are some contact sports which require you to be guarded with a mouth-guard. 

How to Choose the Right Mouth-Guard

There are a variety of mouth-guards available in the market. Majorly they are categorized into stock, boil & bite and custom-fit. Stock mouth-guards are the cheapest of them all. Apparently, they are not custom-fit and may cause irritation and mild discomfort. They might also fall off while playing. As the name suggests, boil & bite mouth-guards are made using special plastic and get malleable when they are boiled. They can be easily fitted. Custom-fit mouth-guards are considered the best option because they offer comprehensive safety. 

If you are looking for a custom-mouth guard you must visit your dentist and he or she will do the needful. Your dentist will create a mouth-guard after taking into consideration various aspects such as how you intend to use them, your budget, comfort level, preferences in terms of the material, protection level. He or she will customize the mouth-guard for your mouth. The thickness will be adjusted based on how much your clench or grind. This will help achieve a natural fit. 

Hope you found the post useful. For more information related to mouth-guards or cosmetic dentistry in San Antonio, TX, feel free to write in to us. 

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