Call Center Services- Relevance in the age of Digital Revolution

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Do Call Center Services hold an importance in today’s digital world?


Call Centers have always been an important part of the operations of any organization in the industry since past few decades. They act as a bridge between the company and its customers. One of the most reliable forms of contact which provides a personal touch to the conversation is telephonic conversation.But the recent digital revolution has come up with new technologies which enable a conversation between customer and company through automated channels.

This has led to companies believing that call centers are not relevant anymore. Although the call center market is still witnessing great growth metrics, the growth rate is somewhat being hampered by this misconception that call centers are not relevant anymore. If you have also encountered someone who told you that call centers were irrelevant today and are confused regarding the credibility of the viewpoint, here are a few points that prove that call centers are more relevant than they have ever been:


The Call Center Market is Still Growing


Although few companies believe that call center services are dead, the trend tells a different story. The call center industry has been growing steadily and is witnessing an all-time high at the moment. This is because there is no alternative to personal communication between the company and the customer. The call center outsourcing industry is also witnessing a great upsurge in numbers which completely denies the myth of call center industry being a dead one.


Industrial Giants still rely on Call Centers


When it comes to success mantras, one must always look up to industrial giants and their practices and beliefs. The position of a company in the market is the cumulative sum of the decisions it makes during its operations. Thus industrial giants provide an idea to other companies on dos and don’ts of the industry. Despite the questions raised on the relevance of call center industry in today’s age, industrial giants leave no stone unturned in solidifying their call center services. Customer relevance is the utmost important goal of every successful business and call center services provide that convenience to the customers.


Customers feel comfortable when talking to an actual person over a telephone


The new inventions and innovations like chatting and interactive voice response systems have opened newer techniques of communicating with the customers. But experts believe that they are not an alternative to call center services. According to them, these services provide the best effect when they are used to compliment call center services. According to a survey, 75% of the customers prefer calling a company despite of the presence of other modes of communication. This is due to the popular customers belief that they will be better understood by an actual person rather than a machine. Calling a company and talking to an actual person assures them that their queries are handled by someone who can understand them.


Call Centers today have evolved heavily


Despite of the belief that call centers are only concerned with telephonic conversations; the call center industry has evolved and has extended its functions to newer and a wider range of services. Call centers today are also specialized in providing automated modes of communication as well as text communication options. This further emphasizes the fact that evolution is the key to survival in the industry and call center industry has evolved with evolving technological trends in order to stay relevant in the industry.




The above mentioned points clearly highlight the reasons that are responsible for call centers still holding a great relevance in the industry today. The call center industry has evolved over time and also provides the companies a better chance at communicating successfully with a customer. This is the reason why call center industry is still growing rapidly despite of the competition from newer modes of communication emerging with evolving technology.

The relevance of the call center industry can never be undermined when it comes to enhancing the growth of a company. Call Center industry has been a proven key to success for any business in the industry and despite of the fact that some people believe that it is not relevant anymore, it keeps on growing. For now, call center services are the best methods of customer acquisition, customer retention, enhancing customer experience and providing solutions to customer queries. Thus call center industry still holds a great deal of relevance in the industry today.

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