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Pain is a common occurrence in life, but many people are unaware of the dangers of leaving pain to worsen. People feel fain when a signal travels through nerve fibers to the brain for interpretation. The pain level and experience are different for the various person, and they define it in different ways. In some cases, this variation can make it challenging for people to treat pain. 


Pain in the human body can reside for long or short-term and stay in one place or move around the different body parts. To treat pain, doctors also recommend you buy some OTC painkillers like Codeine 30mg to treat your pain and allow working in a hassle-free manner. But this is necessary to know the root cause of pain and get treatment accordingly to get a permanent rid of it.


Here in this article, we will discuss different types of pain, diagnose as well as about their available treatment. 


Cause of pain 


People feel pain when specific nerves called nociceptors identify tissue damage in any part of the body and transmit information about it along the spinal cord to the brain. 


For example, when you touch a hot surface, it sends a message to the brain through a reflex arc in the spinal cord and causes an instant shrinkage of the muscles. This contraction allows you to the pull hand away from the hot surface, restricting further damage. This reflex occurs so fast that the message has not even reached the brain. However, the pain message reaches instantly brain.


The brain understands of these signals and the efficiency of the communication channel between the non-inceptors and the brain dictate how anyone experience pain. 


Types of pain


Pain can be either acute or chronic. 


Acute Pain


This type of pain is generally intense and remains for short time. It is how the body let the person know about an injury or localized tissue damage. Treating the underlying injury usually resolves acute pain. 


Chronic Pain


Chronic pain can be mild or severe. This type of pain lasts for longer than acute pain, and there is often no cure.




An individual’s description of the pain will help the doctors to diagnose. There is no scale for detecting the type of pain, so the doctor will ask for pain history. They will ask the person to describe a few things like character of all pains, such as burning, stabbing, or stinging, timing of pain and factors which aggravate and relieve the pain.


Pain Treatment and management


The health experts will differently types of pain in different ways. A treatment that is effective against one type of pain may not relive another. You can Buy Codeine 30mg painkillers and combine with standard painkillers such as aspirin or paracetamol to provide pain relief much stronger than either of the two would have been able to provide on their own.


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