How long does Dihydrocodeine 30 mg take to treat your pain?

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No one should have to deal with their pain on an ongoing basis, but unfortunately, accidents do happen an unexpected illness may develop making you suffer through extended periods of severe pain. if this happens, you must treat your pain as effectively as possible to prevent any additional issue from arising. 


Fortunately, you can gain access to affordable and easy to access medicines such as Dihydrocodeine 30mg from the online pharmacies around the UK. Codeine based painkillers are the best analgesic medicines available to treat your pain, but you may be wondering how long does this medicine last?


How long does it take to show effects?


Fortunately, online medicine stores provide that information too to provide accurate and concise information about their products. Since Dihydrocodeine tablets UK comes in various dosage, the Codeine phosphate you take may not last as long as the stronger dose. But the general answer to this question is around 3-4 hours. 


After the ingestion, it usually takes around 1 hour to start showing the effects of the drug. Codeine Phosphate changes the way your nervous system and brain identify the pain and slow down the activity in your brain that causes cough reaction, which is why the Codeine is a popular choice for both conditions pain relief and cough suppressant. 


This medicine is generally provided in combination with products such as Tylenol (acetaminophen), aspirin, Soma (carisoprodol), and promethazine, as well as many cough and cold medications. These combinations may affect the timing, dosage, and the ways your doctor will advise you to take this medicine. 


What are the major factors affecting the detection time?


How long Codeine phosphate 60mg lasts in your body after a dose also depends on several factors, like: 


  • The dosage of medicine
  • How often you take medicine
  • Your age
  • Hydration levels of body
  • Your metabolism
  • Other health conditions you may have


Because each person has different variables, it is impossible to talk about the exact time Codeine will take to perform. 


How to get Codeine out of your system?

Some factors may somewhat increase the speed that Dihydrocodeine takes to absorbed and excreted from the body. The first step is to stop taking Codeine medicines, although this may be hard especially if you have become dependent. 


Always take and stop taking a prescription in the guidance of your doctor to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Once you have stopped taking this medication safely, make sure that you stay hydrated, eat healthily, and involve yourself in regular physical activity. These things help you to speed up the process at which the drug is cleared from your system.


Important precautions to take


Never take Dihydrocodeine 30mg with alcohol or other drugs that can disturb your respiration rate, such as Benzodiazepines. Tell your doctor about any medicine you are taking, it does not matter they are over the counter, prescription medicines, vitamin supplements, or any herbal remedy. 


Codeine medications are also not suggested for teens between the ages of 12-18 years who are obese or who have breathing issues such as sleep apnoea or suffering from lung disease.



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