Busting Myths about Digital Thermometers

by Anirudh Kumar professional WRITTER
A digital thermometer is a handheld device used to measure your body temperature from a distance. In the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become a ubiquitous part of life. You can see them as soon as you step out from your home. They have entered our vocabulary just as face mask surgical disposable, or social distancing have. However, as they have become more common, misconceptions regarding them have also increased, aided, and abetted by social media. Here we debunk some of the more common myths:

1. They can make you blind – This particular myth found a lot of traction as people misunderstood the device's nature. People were unsure how the thermometer measured temperature and thought harmful radiation could affect their eyes. In reality, the waves used by these thermometers are of the infrared kind. These are similar to the ones used by night vision cameras or television remote controls. They have no harmful impact on the retina.

2. They can harm neurons – Another version of the myth above also centered on the device emitting X-rays. To reiterate, no digital thermometers do not emit X-rays. They pose no threat whatsoever to the neurons or the broader nervous system. Health experts worldwide have recommended using these thermometers even before the pandemic, and we can continue to use them safely without any adverse health conditions.

3. They can affect the pineal gland – One of the more common myths said that the infrared radiations from these digital thermometers could affect the pineal gland, which is right below the spot on the forehead where it has been pointed. There are multiple problems with this assertion. Firstly, the pineal gland is not located just under the skin. We can find it deep within the brain. 

Secondly, the infrared spectrum is used to measure the radiation of heat from your body; the device does not emit any radiation into your body or brain. Finally, the light is laser pointed, which plays no role in the measurement of temperature. It is simply a pointer so that the person holding the device is sure that they measure the temperature of the surface they want and that their aim is not askew. 

Handheld thermometers are an essential tool in fighting this pandemic. When social distancing is the need of the hour, digital thermometers allow people to take temperatures from a distance. Listening to unverified and unscientific facts can have a tremendously detrimental effect on us coming out of pandemic sooner. 

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