Brilliant Minds of Tula’s International school are leaders of Tomorrow

by Tulas International School Education
An important question for teachers and the International Boarding School in Dehradun today is: how do we prepare scholars to make them arise as leaders of tomorrow?

As educators, our biggest concern is to encourage pupils to learn better and acquire more. We have a duty to assure that what students study in the classroom, and more importantly, how they learn, strengthens the abilities they need to thrive in life. Research says that developing students’ ability to think about their thinking and become self-aware scholars creates the requirements for continuous improvement in their scholastic accomplishment at school, makes them fit for employment, and allows them to gain new learning and abilities throughout their professional lives. In a society of continuous change, pupils have to learn to cope well with risk and adjust themselves by further learning to new circumstances.

Most institutions dominate over high marks and grades, and students sacrifice their health and youth in their crusade for high marks. For a long time, high marks were considered to be the individual label of scholastic excellence and the solution to elite graduate institutions and thereafter, a flourishing profession. But that isn't the case anymore. With the fast speed of technological discovery, standing out from the masses is going to take more than just high marks or grades.

So, what do we do at Tula’s International School, one of the Best Boarding School in Dehradun to prepare students for tomorrow?

Tula’s International School recognizes a study that proves there is an insignificant relationship between marks and job performance.

The principal aspect out of all in this context is Leadership. Leadership recognizes a student in a competing aspirant pool from others, and also helps to foretell the influence the students could make on the college or university campus, as well as the potential impact they could make once they graduate.

At Tula’s International School, there are personalized training, new program offerings, and passion pathways, all of which have served to create a history of perfection in one of the Best cbse Boarding School in India. Then there are its leadership possibilities, which are diverse and just as essential in making TIS pupils the top picks among many top colleges.

Tula’s International School prides itself on having students with the apt skills to meet the challenges of a fast-developing world. At the English-medium, co-educational boarding school, scholars participate in progressive programs that respond to each student’s individual needs. This includes the training and development needed for yearly sporting tournaments, musical and theatre productions, etc.

The International Boarding School in Dehradun aims to light the fire of genius in every student by a dedicated, personalized curriculum based on the different interests and desires of each pupil. Students need to feel positive about themselves and the participation they can make. Often, they need tender guidance to help them understand their own skills and strengths.

One of the primary objectives at Tula’s International School is to help students experience great self-confidence and in turn, acquire an I can attitude towards all perspectives of their lives. Allowing students to strive for and recognize this potential is one of the cores at Tula’s International School and is of primary importance to sustainable institutional development. This solid understanding of empowerment creates the ambition required to make a concrete and sustained difference to individual associations, institutions, and society beyond the school gate.

By tapping into the goals and objectives of scholars and directing such combined energies, possibilities for obtaining school superiority are improved and the challenging job of leading for assertive change becomes a collective effort. However, the biggest result of a dedication to student leadership must be in providing students the motivation and determination to understand that no opportunity is locked to them and tomorrow holds many interesting potentialities.

At the Best Boarding School in Dehradun, we have a well-designed curriculum, backed by competent teachers, which gives an opportunity for learners to acquire higher-order skills such as analytical reasoning, problem-solving, and decision making. We at Tula’s International School train students in their particular culture, and also assist them to grow into ‘global citizens’. Our future depends more than ever on solidarity beyond boundaries in the light of shared challenges.

At Tula’s International School, scholars are empowered to have a solid opinion in developing their fate and also obtain abilities that are transferable into many other circumstances. We train our students in a way to:

-improve their knowledge of how to motivate themselves plus others
-strengthen teamwork abilities
-deepen their knowledge of how to be a leader in their institution or organization, their society, and as a citizen
-promote guidance and employability skills


The Best cbse Boarding School in India does it by:

-strengthening positive relations with students
-offering scholars with a firm voice and leadership
-including a curriculum that provides long term raising of standards
-strengthening the team to have an influence on teaching and training

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