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If you have bent, deformed toes or the joints of your toes seem to point upwards rather than being flat, and then it is most likely that you are suffering from a condition called hammertoe. This condition occurs when the toes muscle gets too weak causing a lot of pressure on the tendon and eventually leading to a deformation of the toe. Some of the common causes include wearing high-heels or ill-fitted shoes, arthritis, a toe injury, diabetes, or it may even occur due to genetic factors. Whatever may be the cause, hammertoes can be extremely painful and can cause difficulty in normal walking. You may not be even able to flex your toes as rigid hammertoes cause stiff joints. This condition is sometimes accompanied by other problems like development of corns and calluses on the toe which can cause blisters or ulcers when it rubs against the shoes. It may also cause bunion which can be identified as a bony bump on the joint at the base of your big toes caused due to the misalignment of the big toe joint.

When the big toe pushes against the toe next to it, a bunion is formed which may cause discomfort, extreme pain, stiffness, and sore skin over the bunion. Some of the symptoms can be corrected by wearing bigger, comfortable shoes or using shoe pads and doing stretching exercises of the toe. In case, these methods fail to relieve the pain, you should consider surgery as the next option. Surgery helps to realign your joints or bone and remove the deformity of the toe. Depending upon the severity of your problem, the surgical procedure will be selected.

Hammertoe surgery includes tendon transfer, which involves the pulling of the tendons to straighten the toe or joint resection which involves removing a portion of the bone and cutting of tendons and ligaments to straighten the toe, or fusion, where portions of the joints are removed to allow the bones to grow together. Pins and screws are inserted to keep the toe in place. In a bunion surgery or bunionectomy, the bony growth of the bunion is removed in order to realign the toe joint. Scott Medical Podiatry is one of the podiatric clinics in Brooklyn. Their competent and compassionate staff ensures that the patient receives quality treatment and exceptional services. They use modern technology equipment and sterilization system, as well as the latest treatment options.

So, instead of trying to relieve the symptoms of hammertoes and bunion, it is advisable to go for treatment in one of the best hammertoe surgery and bunion surgery clinics in Brooklyn and remove the underlying cause of these problems. Make an appointment in Dr. Karpenko’s office in Brooklyn for premium foot and ankle care in Brooklyn.

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