Best Tips and Tricks for Your Upcoming Move!

by Ram Sewak Transportation
For someone planning to move from Delhi to Mumbai would certainly be on the lookout for ideas that can make their relocation, an easier job. Because, the fact is, it is not easy at all. There are plenty of tasks and formalities that call for your immediate attention. But wait! When it comes to relocations and the best assistance during your back and forth journey, there are experts from the moving industry who can make it the best experience for you!

You can lookout for the best packers and movers in Delhi to plan and execute your entire moving journey. Because let’s face it, moving from one place to another is not child’s play. Along with proper planning, a convincing budget, and a go-to-checklist, you shall certainly need professional aid for your move. Beyond that, there are a few tips, tricks, and some brilliant hacks that can literally drive away from the moving day blues!

Let’s check out those top moving guidelines below:

1. Plan and schedule your move

The first thing that comes here, while you plan to relocate is how sooner and how well you schedule your upcoming move. Keeping aside a specific day and a foolproof strategy is very important. Before you approach the professionals for your move, having a workable moving plan and a decided budget is needed. You should also have ample financial security with you while you plan for your move because relocations are an expensive affair, so planning well is the key to a successful move.

Note: Informing the moving company at least a month ago is essential. Movers may or may not be available throughout the year. To have a stress-free move, you should keep things in good flow – fulfill all settlements, plan your finances, organize your stuff before you hire professionals.

2. Inform your new residential information

Now comes informing your new address and contact details to the movers so that your consignment is delivered at the right place. This should be done immediately so that there is no discrepancy at the time of final payment. Goods often go misplaced or diverted if the right delivery address is not given to the movers. So, make sure you do this ahead of proceeding with your move.

3. Coming across the right moving company

It is a fact that your entire relocation experience depends on several factors and the foremost one is choosing a reliable moving company. So, while you lookout for the best one in your region, make sure to research and compare well. Make use of the online cost calculators to estimate your moving cost and additional charges – handling cost, transportation, insurance, and fee for moving specialty items. Seek quotes from the top moving companies and select one as per your moving budget and requirements.

Note: Reviewing the insurance policy ahead of signing the agreement is signed. This would include moving valuation where the company provides you with a written document that discloses repayment terms where the company announces to repay for any loss and damage that takes place during the move. Besides, the moving cost and other charges should also be taken into consideration before choosing a specific deal. Generally, the moving cost is calculated as per the distance of your move and the volume of goods you shift from one pace to another. So, considering all of these factors is primary before signing up for a moving plan.

4. Safeguard the high-value items

When everything is set, from the moving plan and budget, you should cautiously decide how well you can choose to pack and prepare your goods for the move, minimizing damage. Almost all of us have high valued items and exquisite possessions that are fragile and expensive and need intensive care and protection while they are being moved. 

You can manage to pack them on your own using the right packing materials or simply let the movers handle them. The moving experts use protective packing materials and are well equipped with the right moving techniques, so whether you have precious gemstones, decorative items, paintings, and artifacts, or exclusive gift items, the experts can pack and move them in the best possible way!

Here are some tips to help you safeguard your valued possessions efficiently. Make sure you have all these basic packing materials with you, for the same:

Cardboard Boxes

Packing Paper

Plastic Wraps

Foam Peanuts

Bubble Wraps

Furniture Pads

Heavy-duty Packing Tape

Safety Scissors

Moving Cartons

5. Do not forget to label

Labeling the final packaged goods is very important before you send them out with the movers. You can refer to the inventory while you assign individual labels to each of your moving boxes. If you have professionals hired for your assignment, you can simply assist them throughout the labeling process while they do your packing.

Simply let them know which label goes with which moving box. This would ultimately lessen your hassle while you re-arrange your goods at the destination. Color coding labels are great too, where you assign a specific color label for each of your rooms – bedroom, dining room, kitchen, etc.

Few essential things you can take into consideration before you segregate your household items.

Once you have sorted your items, evaluate which are the ones you shall need in the future.

Carry only those, and consider giving away the rest of the items. You can simply – discard, sell, and donate the remaining items you are unwilling to carry.

All of the old, unwanted things in your space should be thrown away, the unused items should be given away to those who might need them while, the other sparkling items – from the never worn clothes, or the old electronics and books that still lie in your cupboard, or the never used crockery – all of these should be sold away. Selling remains a good option to earn some quick money ahead of your move.


Relocations are undeniably challenging. But when you have proficient movers and packers in Delhi, appointed for your moving project, you can have a quick, comfortable and happy moving experience. Just make sure to bear in mind the moving guidelines and hacks mentioned in this article, so you can have a stress-free move from Delhi to Mumbai.

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