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Clay craftsmanship is one of the oldest creations of mankind, and its creation marks an important step in our development. Just like our ancestors tried to express themselves and literally take the earth into their own hands, creating shapes and forms that are both decorative and practical.

The Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang are one of the oldest and most widely used handicrafts in the world. India has a long tradition of terracotta, which can be traced back to prehistoric times and even before the civilization of the Indus Valley. picture1

The word "terracotta warriors" means "baked earth". In practice, it implies a clay-based unglazed ceramic material that skilled potters can use to make natural, brown-orange objects.

The raw material for this process is ordinary clay, which is extracted from the bed of water bodies such as rivers, lakes and ponds. The process of making objects with terracotta warriors is simple but labour intensive. After the pottery clay (dough) is made, the shape is formed with the help of a potter wheel or by a potter. The material is then dried and hardened in the sun. These objects are then baked in an earthen furnace or in a kiln. The baked material has a saffron-orange hue. The finished product of terracotta warriors is sometimes polished or glazed to gain a sense of lustre, or painted with bright colours to increase appeal.

Almost every place in India has its own unique style of pottery-in terms of colour, style, design and surface treatment. For example-Kangra is famous for its black pottery, similar to Harappan style.
Then in Pokhran, Rajasthan-stylized pottery with carved decorative patterns. In Kanpur, you can find patterned "thin" pottery. The potters of Meerut and Jhajjar made elongated water containers called "surahs". They are made by half turning and half moulding, and various patterns and designs are made on them. Kutch is famous for pots, horses and elephants on specific occasions. Nizamabad in Uttar Pradesh is famous for its black pottery with silver patterns carved on it.

Clockwise from left to right: hand-painted lamp, traditional flower pot (Jhumra), square clock, floral stick frame

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