Best Proven Techniques To Improve Your Kid’s Handwriting

by Pravin Dwivedi Digital Marketing Expert

The handwriting form differs from child to child. While some show extraordinary abilities while writing, others do not care how they write and want to complete the job on hand. Before we start to talk about how to enhance your child’s handwriting, let us make one thing very precise handwriting is not in any way linked to your child’s brilliance or knowledge.

Kids are evaluated based on written examinations, and legible handwriting makes it easy for them to correct the answer papers. The good report is that a child can enhance handwriting with well-organized practice. It needs a lot of tolerance from both the parent and child’s side, but the improvement in the quality of your child’s writing comes with practice.

If your little one is regularly grappling with his/her handwriting, here are easy ways to improve your child’s calligraphy handwriting:

1. Be assured the child is gripping the pen or pencil correctly to improve handwriting.

Holding a good grip is the first step to writing. If attention is not paid to understand the early formative years, children would not have neat handwriting in later years.

2. Get the proportions right.

One of the reasons for lousy handwriting is getting the proportion of the letters wrong. Use a four-line notebook to practice calligraphy English and calligraphy Hindi writing. Show them clearly how calligraphy words capital letters are bigger, and lower case letters are half the capital letters’ size.

3. Write in the right place.

Attaining the right pace is also very important. Few kids take a long time to complete their writing, while some want to rush through it. Educate your child on the significance of setting a timeline and speeding their writing subsequently. Understanding your kid’s current pace is very necessary before you both begin this handwriting improvement venture. If you rush a toddler who prefers to write slowly, he will soon lose interest in writing. To build up interest, teach your kid calligraphy drawing.

4. Do not pressurize

It is essential to keep calm and patient while helping your child improve his handwriting. Give your child enough breaks. During breaks, you can watch calligraphy for beginners or calligraphy art videos with your toddler. Remember, if he is accentuated, he will quit enjoying the entire venture of writing, and this is counterproductive.

5. Make writing fun

If you give the children words to copy, they will soon be wary of it. Instead, engage them in exciting games and activities that can indirectly improve their handwriting. Some of such activities are:

  • Connecting the dots
  • Word puzzles
  • Hangman
  • Calligraphy beginners lessons

6. Increase the amount of reading time

That is right; reading more can improve writing. The more children see neatly written, well-proportioned words, the more prospects of the letters getting printed in their memory, and the added choices of imitating that clearness when they write.

Handwriting is a learning that is obtained with practice. The more your child writes, the better he grows at it. Making this activity enjoyable depends on you as a parent. So enjoy this learning phase with your little one. Make parenting more pleasure for you and your kid. You can offer them calligraphy learning classes or calligraphy online tutorials.

Final Words

You can make your kid learn more such skills as calligraphy cursive or calligraphy painting with our wide range of online calligraphy tutorials. We offer the broadest range of calligraphy course in which professional and trained teachers teach exciting writing and drawings via video sessions. With these online writing classes, a kid can learn good handwriting and reading habits and improve academics.

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