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by Ryan David Astrologer

Point of Sale (POS for sale) — The aggregate of sales of goods.

In addition to POS, it is called PC POS, POS system, POS register, and POS register.

The most significant advantage of the Free POS is to collect sales performance information such as product name, price, quantity, date, and time. So it’s accessible to management to understand and observe the trends. We can collect data about the purchased goods and the buyer’s age, group, gender.

POS systems mainly include in supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, apparel shops, specialty shops, food service industry, gas stations, hotels, drugstores (pharmacies), and its functions have evolved from year to year. Still, in recent years, the simplified version of POS has become popular in general shops.

POS system with integrated housing

[This model is mainly used in convenience stores and supermarkets, and also referred to as “PC based POS”]

It is computer systems that are used for specific functions that are built into office computers. The OS for controlling this is called “embedded OS.” Unlike general-purpose computer systems such as PCs, the required functions and performance are extremely limited, and the resources available are strongly constrained due to severe cost limitations. It is used as an OS for POS systems from major electrical manufacturers and accessible in supermarkets and convenience stores. Since the dedicated software is installed in the POS housing and sold as an integral unit, it is not allowed to select hardware and software separately. For this, we will require a lot of money.

Many POS systems using Windows Embedded (OS for embedded systems developed based on Microsoft’s PC OS) have also been seen recently.

PC POS System

[The peripheral device for POS is set on a typical PC and used as a POS]

PC POS is a POS application installed on a PC such as Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, etc., and the POS register is called “PC POS.” PC POS system is built as a system that always moves under a standard environment regardless of manufacturer, model, or OS. It is possible to inherit software, hardware exchange, and model exchange.

In the USA, the POS system used in the form of a personal computer and the POS system that has the shape of a cashier created by a POS manufacturer is called “PC POS.”

Tablet POS System

【 POS register utilizing tablets such as iPad POS has been introduced to many restaurants and retailers 】

A dedicated app installed on a tablet (iPad, a thin computer equipped with Android, Windows, etc.) and put it in the POS register is called “Tablet POS.” Most services are delivered in conjunction with cloud systems, without the need to build a dedicated network. As soon as you have a Wi-Fi environment and a tablet terminal, you can start it immediately.

so you can not only reduce the initial installation cost compared to “PC POS” and “PC base POS”• Due to its availability in space, it has become rapidly accessible in retail outlets such as restaurants and apparel in recent years.

Advantages of PC POS systems

“POS system with integrated housing” and “PC POS system.”

As mentioned earlier, the “PC POS System” is built as a system that always runs under a standard environment regardless of manufacturer, model, or OS. However, in the case of a “POS system with integrated housing,” it is installed. Peripheral equipment (receipt, customer display, barcode reader, drawer, etc.) must always be the manufacturer’s designation model. It is different for each manufacturer and model; now, you will be asked to create a program.

Since the “PC POS system” is always independent of the manufacturer or model, it is not necessary to perform large-scale customization with the replacement of the POS register.

“Tablet POS System” and “PC POS System”

The “Tablet POS System” is rapidly expanding as a simple checkout. All devices are wireless communication using wireless LAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc., so it is essential to prepare the communication environment at the time of introduction.

Because of the simple checkout on the practical side, you can use it to take full advantage of functions such as multi-store management, complete product registration, sales analysis, which is necessary for deploying large stores or multiple stores. Also, the support system is different depending on the manufacturer and hardware, maintenance similar to the “PC POS system” is not desired.

Vidicom’s POS Cash Register “BCPOS”

The “BCPOS” POS register is a product that can be used on a PC and used to register the POS application. You can firmly grasp products, customers, sales, inventory, point management. It is an all-in-one POS cash register that solves various challenges of the shop.

Key Features

Visible to inventory and customers

You can check your inventory at the checkout screen; it helps you not only reduce your waiting time but also avoid sales losses due to out of stock. Also, you can view customer information such as purchase history and records on the checkout screen, so You can offer products and services tailored to need.

Manage multiple stores in the cloud

By linking with the cloud, you can check sales, inventory, and customer information of various stores anytime, anywhere, and anytime.

Your smartphone will be your membership card

In addition to managing the information registered in the app as customer information, customers not only manage the information recorded in the app but also use the customer’s smartphone instead of a membership card or point card. Besides, you can send your store information via push notifications, which will help you promote your visit.

EC site collaboration (Rakuten, Amazon, Yahoo!, etc.)

The information sold and received at the POS is automatically reflected in the EC site inventory, and the inventory quantity of real stores and online stores is automatically managed 24/7.

Support for a wide variety of payments (cashless payments)

You can use credit card payment, Felica payment (transportation/corporate electronic money), UnionPay card, Smartphone payment (mobile settlement, QR code payment), so you can respond to inbound demand.

Cloud (computing)

What is the cloud?

“Cloud Computing” is often called “cloud” (“cloud: cloud”) instead of storing various data on your personal computer or smartphone. A usage or service that is stored on the Internet.

You can view, edit, and upload data from computers and smartphones in various environments on the go.

POS & Cloud Alignment

It is possible to broaden communication between stores by “POS & Cloud Cooperation.” By linking POS information of store in the “cloud,” you can grasp the movement of goods and purchase history of customers in real-time. Immediately put it into your next store strategy.

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