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by Raj Negi Cetpa Infotech Pvt Ltd

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MEAN is a mixture of user-friendly JavaScript frameworks that are ideal for creating effective applications and websites. It’s an open-source stack and free, designed to offer developers an organized and quick manner of making quick prototypes Mean -based web apps.

Mean Stack is created with a great blend of technological mediums including:

•             MongoDB as its database,

•             ExpressJS as the web framework,

•             AngularJS as its fronted framework,

•             Node.js as its server platform.

Mean stack is extremely versatile with the JavaScript excelling throughout the stack.


MEAN stack is an excellent skill for professionals to obtain. It is also good for beginners to learn. It is easy. It requires only a single programming language. It can be used to build robust, fast web sites and real-time applications. Learn MEAN stack and Full-Stack web development by joining MEAN stack training in Noida. You can also learn this technology online.


1. Employment: More & more companies are in search of engineers close to MEAN      Stack & other JavaScript-based technologies.

2.Quick and Simple: Creating applications and websites that rotate around a single language- JavaScript, is very straightforward and easy to perform.

3. Adaptability: Because of the versatility of Mean Stack’s single programming language- JavaScript, it’s highly flexible to a range of web apps.

4. Active Dev Community: Stack runs on JavaScript, a very popular programming language with some of the most effective developer-communities, who offer solutions to many problems.


•  HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming languages.

• CSS and JavaScript based frameworks.

• Basic understanding of the client-side and server-side processes and requirements.

• Basic understanding of the architecture and workflow.

• MEAN stack expertise- the ability to work with Angular.js, Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB. If not Angular, then you need to know ReactJS or VueJS

• Familiar with package manager-NPM.  

• Familiarity with Git and design frameworks like MotionUI is desirable.

• Time-management, Critical thinking and communication skills are expected.

To learn all these skills, one can enroll in MEAN stack training course in Delhi.


Flexible and scalable: MEAN stack is comfortably used by startups as well as large enterprises. With the technologies and requirements changing and evolving periodically, flexibility becomes the point to demand. This is the specialty of MEAN stack.

Free of Cost: It is an open-source stack. Each technology in this stack is open source. This means that it is available free of cost and anybody can use it.

One Stack, One Language: All the frameworks used under MEAN stack uses one programming language, that is, JavaScript. Most of the other available stacks use various frameworks which mean that the developer has to learn that many languages. But, in MEAN stack, all you need to learn is JavaScript.

Speed: JavaScript based web applications are well known.  Build chatbots, single page applications and progressive web pages and others using JavaScript. This reduces the loading speed of the apps making them faster and efficient. The MEAN stack relies on JavaScript which is a suitable option to work on.  

User-friendly: The front-end Angular framework has the distinction of being the technology that gives the most user-friendly results. This framework has changed the user experience in a fundamental way with more dynamic and interactive content.


Mean stack provides an efficient and fresh insight into web development. It also make use of the capability of modernized S.P.As (single page applications), which doesn’t want entirely refreshing a web-page on every request. All technologies present inside the stack are open source and free. Anyone can learn MEAN Stack by joining MEAN stack training classes. Thus, anyone can benefit from any version upgrade due to the contributions made by the huge community of developers from all over the world.

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