Best Natural Remedies for Hepatitis

by Kritika Sharma Blogger, Content Writer
Hepatitis is a disease in which the liver is inflamed. There are several types of hepatitis, such as hepatitis A, B, C, etc., which may be different, but all cause swelling and inflammation of the liver cells. Due to viral hepatitis, it is caused by viral attacks. While the most common viral hepatitis is hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C, the least threatening problem caused by hepatitis A is the least.
Whenever you notice hepatitis symptoms such as heaviness on the right side of the abdomen, loss of appetite, itching, tiredness, pale, grayish stools, and jaundice, you should immediately apply something home remedy. Make sure that this hepatitis is mainly caused by the consumption of alcohol and harmful chemicals, drug abuse, weak immune system, a genetic condition and so on. But do not forget to consult your doctor after a day or two, if you can not control this liver disease, it is advisable to save the liver and your health in general.


Carom has thymol, which is an antiseptic and germicide that helps prevent the virus that causes hepatitis (in every way). Cumin helps relieve pain, helps with proper digestion and eliminates intestinal worms. This combinatorial process helps to completely relieve hepatitis by preventing the virus that causes it and alleviating its symptoms.


Licorice contains an active component called glycyrrhizin, which helps in the treatment of hepatitis and its complications. This ingredient reduces liver enzyme levels like ALT to reduce the problem, but make sure you do not take it without consulting your doctor. The help of honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help to eliminate the discomfort caused by it.


Garlic is considered a supernatural food that effectively helps cleanse the blood and also eliminates toxic waste from the body that helps the liver function better.


Turmeric contains antioxidant, antiviral and antiseptic properties that significantly improve the health of the liver. Turmeric with its antiviral activity helps to prevent the proliferation of viruses that cause hepatitis B and C, thereby relieving the lungs of many problems and contributing to their proper function.

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