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Q: What type of oil press do you have?

A: Henan Benteng Machinery Equipment, as a professional oil press production plant, mainly focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of oil presses. At present, the main production and sales are small household oil presses, single oil presses, combined oil presses and hydraulic oil presses.

Q: What is the difference between a single oil presses and a combined oil press?

A: The capacity of the same type of single oil presses and combined oil press is the same. The screw press is a single oil press; and the combined oil press has two filter barrels, which can directly get clean Oil. Compared with a separate oil press and oil filter, the combined oil press occupies a smaller footprint and is more convenient; however, the price of the same type of combined press is higher than that of the single oil press and filter.

Q: What are the capacity of the oil press?

A: The main models of Benteng oil press are 6YL-68, the capacity is 1-1.5T/D; 6YL-80, the capacity is 2-4T/D; 6YL-95, the capacity is 4-5T/D; 6YL-100 , The capacity is 5-7T/D; 6YL-120, capacity is 6-8T/D; 6YL-125, the capacity is 7-10T/D; 6YL-130, the capacity is 10-12T/D; 6YL-160, the capacity It is 14-18T/D.

Q: What is the standard oil press model? What is its capacity?

A: The standard oil press is 6YL-95, and its capacity is 4-5T/D.

Q: Which type of oil press would you recommend?

A: If you are not sure about your production needs, or you are just starting an oil pressing business, then I recommend you to use the 6YL-95 oil press. Because this is the most standard oil press model, other high-volume machines are improved on the basis of the 6YL-95 model. If you are sure of your production needs, then I will provide you with a high-quality oil press model that meets your requirements.

Q: What is the oil output rate of your oil press?

A: The oil output rate of our oil press is as high as 94% and the residual oil rate is less than 6%, which has the characteristics of high oil output rate.

Q: What kind of oil can your oil press be pressed?

A: Our equipment can be used to continuously squeeze more than 20 kinds of oils such as peanut, rapeseed, soybean, sesame, palm seed, sunflower seed, cottonseed, camellia seed, tung seed, coconut, rice bran, jatropha, etc. to extract vegetable oil.

Q: What is the working principle of the oil press?

A: The principle of the oil press is that when the oil press is running, the processed oil enters the press chamber from the hopper, and the oil pressing screw rotates to continuously push the material into the pressing cavity, and squeeze the blank between the screw and the discharge. The oil in the oil is squeezed out and flows out from the circular trough.

Q: What are the characteristics of your oil press?

A: Our oil press has many characteristics such as high oil yield, energy saving, labor saving, multiple uses, good oil quality, small footprint, simple operation, good performance, and convenient maintenance.

Q: What is the voltage of your oil press? Can the voltage be changed?

A: The default voltage of our oil press is 380V. We can change the voltage of the machine according to customer needs, such as 220V, 230V, 440V, 480V and other voltages.

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