Benefits of Using a Video Telematics System

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A vehicle is at risk of several things when they are on the road. But having dashcams integrated into the system can help fleet businesses reduce these risks. Fleet management systems have all the right features for you to implement and execute the best fleet optimisation. It can help you get real-time footage of your drivers and the vehicle’s on road navigation.

The advanced AI helps reduce distracted driving making the fleet a lot more safer. Let us learn about the various aspects of video telematics.

What Is Video Telematics?

To understand the meaning of video telematics software, it is important to break the name. Telematics refers to the process of transmitting information over a long distance. This transfer can be between systems, from vehicle to system, or even between vehicles.

Now that we have understood the menacing telematics, it is easy to see what video telematics is. While  traditionally, vehicles only transferred textual data to the system, technology has now advanced to also transmit videos.

This is done with the help of a dashcam integrated with the vehicle. This camera has a view of the road and also the driver to maintain surveillance of the vehicle's activity to maintain safety.

Features of Video Telematics

Video telematics is majorly divided into two parts. These include the driver monitoring system (DMS) and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS). These two make the perfect tag team for fleet safety. Managers can use the alerts that these systems produce to ensure that their vehicles are not engaging in any harmful practice.

  • Driver Monitoring System (DMS): As the name suggests, this system allows managers to ensure that drivers are not indulging in any harmful or distracted driving. The advanced AI and ML integrated with the dashcams reads driver’s body language alerts managers every time they are distracted. Thus, eliminating any chance of accidents.

  • Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS): This system uses the road facing dashcam to detect unethical practices on the roads. The real time alert system ensures that there is no external force harming the vehicle. This can be a collision or sudden lane change. It can also detect and warn drivers about potential accidents that are not the driver’s fault.

Why Does Your Fleet Business Require Video Telematics?

Fleet businesses can be vulnerable to several threats, most stemming from the lack of supervision on drivers. Let us look at some of the way this is true:

  • Frequent Accidents: Distracted driving can have several repercussions, accidents being one of the top on the list. When drivers ignore their surroundings, collisions are inevitable. This can also be because of exhaustion on the driver’s part. They might be able to make the best decisions on the road in such conditions.

  • Loss of Productivity: There might be a chance that drivers pass their work on to other people. But they can lack the experience and qualification needed to manage a fleet vehicle. This can put the safety of the vehicle and consignment on the line. The fleet business might also lose their reputation because of this.

  • Loss Generation: A business that loses money to accidents and credibility because of their bad reputation, there is no way for them to make profits. Thus, managers need to look for ways to eliminate the threats to their fleet’s safety.

  • Difficult Decision Making: making decisions can be difficult when there is little data to base these decisions on. There might be issues that go unnoticed because there is no proper data documentation. This is nothing but an invitation for more losses for the fleet business.

Benefits of Using Video Telematics With Fleet Management Software

So how can fleet businesses benefit by investing in video telematics solutions? Here are some of the top advantages of using this system for optimisation:

  • Boosted Safety: When drivers know that they are under watch, they try to pay better attention to their task. This means that there is a lower chance of the vehicle getting into an accident because of distraction on the road. This saves the vehicle, consignment and driver vehicle they are on the road.

  • Lower Vehicle Risk: Video telematics ensure that vehicles are also protected from external threats like collisions with other vehicles or road obstacles. This means that they stay in good shape for longer periods.

  • Reduced Blind Spots: For larger vehicles, there can be blind spots that might hinder their performance.navigating a vehicle this way can be dangerous and time consuming. This is why using a multi-camera system for video telematics can reduce these blind spots. It can make operations a lot simpler.

  • Better Decision Making: The report that the system generates makes decision making much simpler. Managers can see if a driver is struggling on the road and can train them. They can also see the issues that might affect the fleet’s performance and decide to take action resolving these problems.

  • No Fraudulent Claims: sometimes accidents on roads happen due to another driver’s mistake. But they might blame your fleet driver for the doing, leading to fines and court cases. Having live footage of your road activities can be used as proof of good driving practices and can clarify the situation as well.

  • Lower Insurance Rates: Insurance for fleet vehicles can be very expensive. But having video telematics and proof of safety measures can help businesses reduce their cost. This further boosts their profitability as well.


Video telematics can be the perfect solution for fleet businesses to take their safety a step further. Managers can ensure that their vehicles adhere to road safety measures and do not get into accidents. But a fleet management system can do a lot more than that. The solutions that this system has to offer can help fleet businesses make better use of their resources. It can also optimize the planning process for fleet businesses.

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Source: Benefits of Using a Video Telematics System

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