Benefits of Mushroom Coffee

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Mushroom coffee has emerged to be an alternative to regular coffee in recent times. Mushrooms are considered to be a superfood, with medicinal and revitalizing properties. Mushroom coffee has a lower caffeine content, but provides ample energy comparable to other caffeinated drinks like tea and regular coffee.


Traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine incorporates the usage of mushrooms since generations to cure certain ailments. Medicinal mushrooms are used in various forms like dried mushrooms or mushroom powdered in Asian medicine. Mushroom coffee is nothing but powdered mushrooms mixed with regular coffee beans. Hailed as an emerging health food, mushroom coffee is making inroads in the consumer markets worldwide.


There are many benefits derived from the consumption of mushroom coffee. For one, it is low on caffeine which is a major ingredient that harms the human body, if consumed in excess. Mushroom coffee has around half the caffeine content present in regular coffee, and an equivalent caffeine content of green tea. It has the same revitalizing properties as regular tea or coffee, which makes it a great healthier substitute. Mushroom coffee is slowly penetrating the gourmet and health foods market.


What are the health benefits of consuming mushroom coffee?


The health benefits derived from mushroom coffee, depends on the kind or variant of mushroom powder ground together with regular coffee beans. Each different kind of mushroom has a different health benefit. For example: chaga mushrooms aid to reduce the acidic content inherently present in coffee.

  1.  Regulation of blood sugar: Maitake mushroom when blended with coffee aids to regulate blood sugar levels. It aids the body in times of any kind of mental or physical stress.
  2.  Dietary supplement: Mushroom coffee is often used as a food supplement, as it contains a rare antioxidant category called glutathione. This nutrient is not found generally in commonly consumed foods and beverages.
  3.  Bone health: Mushroom coffee contains calcium, an essential nutrient for the maintenance of bone health. This is a crucial calcium source for women approaching or crossed menopause. This is the period where bone health generally begins to deteriorate for women.
  4.  Weight Loss: Mushroom coffee contains no cholesterol or fats and is a great beverage for those who want to lose weight. Regular tea and coffee blends contain fats as they are usually consumed with sugar.
  5.  Essential minerals mine: Mushroom coffee contains some essential minerals like copper, potassium and selenium. Copper when combined with iron helps the human body produce RBCs (red blood cells), which are important for a healthy immune system. Potassium is essential for muscle development and maintenance.
  6.  Caffeine substitute: Mushroom coffee is rich in antioxidants and does not give the body jitters like regular caffeine does. It is an energy source, like its counterparts of caffeinated drinks.
  7.  Digestive aid: Mushroom coffee is said to improve digestion with its high antioxidant and low caffeine content. It is easy on the stomach, and does not produce harmful acids on consumption.
  8.  Reduces anxiety: Caffeine is known to increase stress and anxiety. This is the reason decaffeinated coffee and mushroom teas became popular among consumers. There have been many studies which link caffeine to anxiety. Very high caffeine can even cause attention deficit disorders. Mushroom coffee causes minimal stress and no anxiety on its intake, as it is low on caffeine.
  9.  Metabolism booster: Another reason for weight watchers to rejoice, mushroom coffee is known to boost metabolism rates thus aiding systematic and constant fat loss on regular consumption.
  10.  Sleep cycle regulator: Mushroom coffee has also been observed to regularize sleep cycles, and can be helpful to relieve stress or to insomniacs. The reishi mushroom in particular, aids in regulating sleep cycles.
  11.  Improves brain function: As a nutrient supplement, mushroom coffee helps in improving analytical ability, memory and concentration. The Lion’s mane mushroom when blended with coffee can bring wonderful positive effects on brain functioning.
  12.  Energy booster: The cordyceps mushroom energizes the WBCs (white blood cells) to operate at a better efficiency. It is an energy booster, and keeps lethargy away. Mushroom coffee is a great way to boost your system internally, without the bad effects of regular caffeine.


Ways of consuming mushroom coffee-
Mushroom can be ground and blended with coffee beans or cocoa powder to create a relaxing hot latte or cold mocha. It does not have a strong odour or flavour, and thus is an easy and healthy addition to your daily cup of coffee. Rich in antioxidants and low in calories, it is the ideal way to start the day on a healthy note.


Mushroom coffee has grown to be an emerging trend in the West. With a growing consumer demand for healthier alternatives to snacking and a rising awareness among people about nutrition and diet, consumption is only set to grow in the future.

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