Types of Fresh Yet Edible Mushrooms in the United States

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What is a Mushroom? 

A mushroom is a type of fungus, which produces spores and has a shaft with a cap. It is usually found growing under rotten wood, leaves, bark, and on the ground. Consumed for centuries, the mushroom is known as a culinary wonder along with it being an essential ingredient for epicure cuisine. With its numerous health benefits such, as low cholesterol, high protein, and have numerous amount of nutrients such as amino acids, fibre, and low fat but with good fatty acid content. 

History of Mushrooms

Mushrooms have an astonishing amount of historical importance. The Chinese considered it an important part of the diet and called it an “elixir of life,” while the Greek thought it gave its warriors and fighters strength and used to feed it to them before a battle. The Romans would call it the food of the Gods. There are other examples as well of the importance of mushroom in the most important civilizations of the past.

Role of Mushroom in Medicine

Mushrooms have several medicinal functions as well, along with the following effects:

·         Antiallergy

·         Antidiabetic

·         Anticancer

·         Antiparasitic

·         Detoxification

·         Cardiovascular protector

Also, they are a great source of protection against tumor development and inflammatory processes as well. Mushroom extracts are included in dietary supplements for their support against inflammatory processes and tumor development.

Types of Mushroom

Mushroom can be classified into two types,

o   Edible Mushroom

o   Inedible Mushroom

Edible Mushroom

It is necessary to clean mushrooms before eating them whether they are cooked or uncooked. It is also very important to buy mushrooms for a renowned shop or market. Eating mushrooms from the wild could be dangerous and fatal for the consumer.

Another important thing to remember is that you should always know which type of mushroom you are eating so you can cook it if needed. This is because some mushrooms if eaten raw, can prove to be fatal. You should be well aware of everything about a mushroom before you consume it as it can cause an allergic reaction to one person while doing nothing to another.

Here are types of fresh mushrooms that are edible as well:

1.      Shiitake

One of the most available types of fresh mushroom, Shiitake is an excellent source of Vitamin D along with having anti-inflammation properties as well. It has a buttery flavor with a meaty texture. It comes in 3 different sizes which are1 Lb, 3 Lb, and 5 Lb.

2.      Maitake

Also known as, the Hen of the Woods, this type of fresh mushroom is helpful for patients with high cholesterol, and people suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy. It helps normalize blood sugar and blood pressure. Maitake mushroom also helps relieve from symptoms of diabetes. Maitake tastes strongly like umami and dried fruit components. It has a light brown or grey in color.

3.      Brown Beech

These diminutive fresh mushrooms taste delightful whether they are cooked or stir-fried. This type of mushroom has a firm and chewy texture and have slender white stems with brown caps. These fresh mushrooms are high in fiber, protein and vitamin D as well. They have anti-allergy properties as well and can help with asthma symptoms as well.

4.      King Oyster

The best replacement for meat and vegan meals, this type of Fresh mushrooms can be either cooked or stir-fried, depending on the cook’s choice. They can also be grilled since they are strong enough to be put on a grill. King Oyster is high in Protein and vitamin B. It has several anti-colon and anti-breast cancer properties along with supporting brain function.

Non-Edible Mushrooms

This category of mushroom is extremely dangerous to the skin and poisonous as well. Touching or holding them can cause you to have a severe rash, and eating it can cause death immediately. To know which mushrooms are poisonous and which ones are edible, you must be able to identify which category of fungus they belong.

Here are some types of poisonous fresh mushrooms:

·         Webcaps

·         Autumn Skullcap (Cortinarius species)

·         Destroying Angels (Amanita species)

·         Deathly Dapperling (Lepiotabrunneoincarnata)

·         Conocybefilaris

·         Podostromacornu-damae

Best Provider of Fresh Mushrooms

One of the best providers of mushrooms in the USA is Mushroom and Company that is rooted in Philadelphia. It is known for providing the best of fresh mushrooms in the United States of America. They have different types of Fresh mushrooms grown, such as:

o   White Mushrooms

o   Brown Mushrooms

o   Exotic Mushrooms

o   Organic Mushrooms

Dried Mushrooms are available too.


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