Benefits of colour coated galvanized sheets

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When a building is constructed, either for residential, industrial or for commercial purposes, a roof cannot be compromised on. A stable, robust and durable roof is extremely important as it offers protection to the entire structure. The roof plays a key role in protecting the building from adverse climatic conditions and other external factors that can prevent deterioration to the structure.

These days in urban and industrial complexes colour coated galvanized sheets are becoming increasingly popular due to their aesthetics, corrosion resistance and ability to insulate. So, through their strength, thermal insulation and anti-rusting properties they protect the roof from getting worn out as well as add beauty to the structure.

These colour coated roofing sheets involve metallic materials which are galvanized steel sheets that are colour coated on both sides. The colour is coated twice, the first coat is a base coat and second coat is a top coat. How thick the coating should be on the colour coated galvanized sheet changes as per the requirements.

Colour coated galvanized sheets are flexible, durable, robust and have the following benefits:  

Resistance to adverse weather conditions

These colour coated galvanized sheets are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions as the zinc prevents the steel beneath it from getting rusted.  The colour retains the shine and vibrancy of these sheets for long periods of time. Due to the benefits of both zinc and the paint layer, these sheets are ideal for the scorching heat, bitter cold, heavy rainfall and snowfall.

Colour coated galvanized sheets are flexible

These colour coated galvanized sheet are deemed flexible as they can take any shape or size depending on the requirement of the construction structure.  Thus, making them easy to handle and be a part of a wide range of applications. Since they are easy to work with, the installation becomes easier.


Colour coated galvanized sheets are lightweight

These sheets are made of lighter materials like steel and aluminium giving them the benefit of being lightweight while being able to maintain their strength and sturdiness at the same time

Resistance to corrosion

Colour coated galvanized sheets for roofing have a layer of zinc over the steel, so even if the sides chip off, the sacrificial nature of zinc will corrode itself preventing the iron under it from getting rusted– this makes it ideal for difficult weather conditions as well as brings down the maintenance and repair costs significantly as these do not deteriorate due to rust.  This makes it both durable and long lasting

Colour coated galvanized sheets offer Thermal Insulation

Since the sheets are painted, they are poor conductors of heat making them the perfect choice for summer as they prevent the heat from outside to enter the building, thereby maintaining a cool temperature inside. If you add low cost insulation such as rock wool insulation, aluminium bubble film etc. it helps bring down costs by reducing energy consumption from air conditioning.

Environment friendly

These colour coated galvanized roofing sheets are fully recyclable and can be used in the future by melting and processing them. This is unlike other alternatives such as plastic and fibre materials.


Apart from the functional features, these sheets are aesthetically good to look at and add to the beauty of a building. When buying anything that is important as a foundation material such as TMT bars, hot rolled coils, cold rolled sheets, colour coated galvanized sheets etc. one must go for leaders in this space such as JSW. They have a range of high quality products and are known for their variety, quality and affordable pricing options.

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