Beauty and Power of Ruby Stone

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Rubies are incredibly beautiful stones that arise in mesmerizing color tones of pink to red. These are known for their brilliance, elegance, and royalty. Ruby, aka Manik Ratan, has a remarkable appearance and is also quite hard, measuring the Mohs hardness scale. When it comes to hardness, it is slightly less than Diamonds (the hardest substance on the Earth). Due to the hardness, this stone has high longevity and lasts for many years with the same shine and luster. 

                The whole world is crazy after this stunning red stone and guess what, the world is not wrong. Ruby stone has a splendid aura with intriguing beauty that is enough to leave anyone mesmerized and compelled. Besides beauty, this precious member of the corundum family holds immense cosmic powers. Therefore, Manik is known as the King of Gemstones and counted among one of the strongest supernatural stones. 

Reasons Why Ruby is One of The Most Famous Gemstones in The World

Ruby is undoubtedly the king of gemstones. With its mesmerizing hue and stunning luster, it is also one of the most famous colored gemstones, sharing the space with Emeralds and Sapphires. Want to know more about why? Below are the reasons why Ruby is one of the most famous and expensive gemstones.

Craft Attractive Jewelry- When it comes to stunning statement pieces of jewels, Ruby always secures its place. Ruby (Manik stone) makes extremely attractive Jewelry​. Be it earrings​ or pendants or any other ornament, Rubies gems are highly desired. A great advantage of wearing Rubies is that they are highly resistant to scratches, making them an incredible option for daily wear.  

Shine and Luster- The beholding shine and captivating luster of this red stone is a sight to witness. This unique shine is due to the cabochon cut because of which, the stone reflects the light in a far better way. 

Mesmerizing Color- The color of any stone is its unique feature. The same is the case with Ruby stone. It is available in different beautiful shades of red, from pinkish-red to deep red and purplish red. While discussing the color, Pigeon blood-red colored rubies are considered to be of the finest quality that comes with a peculiar deep blood-red color. The color and the hardness quality of these origins make this stone unique and a lot expensive.

Magical Powers - The Ruby Gemstone is also known to have unbelievable magical powers. Owing to its association with the planet Sun, it blesses its wearer with immense confidence, good luck, fortune, power, energy, agility, and vigilance. The wearer of this stone lives his/her life peacefully and happily.

Healing Properties- A Natural Ruby stone also has incredible healing power and is known to cure many health problems related to the circulatory​ system, respiratory system, etc. It also resolves any conflicts going on with your father and provides you with a better mental health.

Rubies for the Highnesses- Many Kings and Queens are known to have been highly fond of the original Ruby stones​ due to their exceptional appearance and looks. On account of this fact, many Ruby stones have been extensively used for making beautiful royal ornaments and crowns. 

Highly Expensive-  The Ruby Gemstones are considered to be highly expensive because of the eternal beauty and amazing features that they exhibit. In general, Burma Manik or Mozambique Rubies are measured to be the most premium varieties of ruby. Being expensive, they often signify royalty and eliteness. Since the stones are pricey, the person donning them is always the talk-of-the-town. 
Benefits of Carrying Real Ruby Stone

The Real Ruby stone, besides being a beautiful stone, carries many benefits as well. The stone is known to have several personal, professional, and health benefits for its owner. The usage of this stunning red stone brings prosperity, happiness, good luck, and good health to the native in multiple ways. In order to study the in-depth advantages of this pinkish-red gem, give the comprehensive article Astrological Benefits of Ruby (Manik) Gemstone a read.

Buy Real Manik Online

When you plan on getting yourself this supernatural red stone or Manik Ring, especially for astrological purposes, it is vital first to check with an expert astrologer if it is compatible with you, or not. Secondly, make sure that the stone is pure and original, and in the right carat weight, as prescribed by your astrologist. For the widest range of real and certified rubies online, visit Navratan, the online gem Bazar. 

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