Origins of Ruby Stone

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The Ruby Stone is a pink to red-colored stone. It belongs to the family mineral corundum. Due to the peculiar rich red-colored, this stone is extensively used in various ornaments. What makes this stone unique and more beautiful is the hardness level. The harder the stone, the better the quality of the stone. Due to this unique and stunning feature, this stone is one of the costliest stones available around the globe. Pigeon Blood Rubies are the most famous and expensive varieties of ruby when it comes to color. The Ruby Stone is worn to protect the person from the malefic effects of a mispositioned Sun in one’s house of horoscope. Negative Mars. When placed in the wrong house, Sun can lead to certain consequences and negative impacts on the native’s life. 

               The love for Ruby stones in the Monarchy dates back to the time of the Roman and Greek Empire. Because of its stunning appearance, remarkable hardness level, and incredible astrological powers, the Ruby Stone has been extensively used in the ancient arena too. It has been a prominent part of making amazing crowns, bracelets​, neckpieces​, and other royal pieces of jewelry. To date, many crowns and other ornaments are displayed in world-famous museums and other historical​ places. Besides Myanmar, other places where Ruby stones are found are Madagascar and Mozambique. Here, in this article, we will discuss in detail the famous origins of this beautiful stone. Let us get started with the basic information about the history and process of formation. 

History of Manik

The history of the Ruby stones is quite old and dates back to the first century AD where Roman Scholar Pliny took notice of Ruby stones in his renowned book ‘Natural History’. He was amazed by the natural beauty and hardness level of the stone. Even in the ancient Hindus saga and scripture, it was believed that by offering fine Rubies, aka Manik Ratna, to Lord Krishna, it was possible to be reborn as an emperor in the next birth. The shreds of evidence​ of Ruby stones being used by the elite and clergy class of the society can be witnessed in many museums and historical places. ​

Formation of Rubies

The Ruby Stone is a member of the mineral family-corundum that contains plenty amount of aluminum oxide. The deep red hue of the Ruby stone is due to the chromium atoms packed densely together with the Aluminum atoms. The more the percentage of Chromium atoms, the deeper is the color of the stone. 

Origin of Manik Stone

Most of the Ruby stones are found in Asian and African countries such as Myanmar (Burma), India, Nepal, Thailand, and Mozambique.  The stones from Burma and Mozambique are deep red in color with high clarity making these stones stand first in quality. Earlier, the majority of rubies were found in Burma, Cambodia, and Thailand but for the last few decades, especially after the Second World War ruby deposits have been found in Madagascar, Mozambique, regions of Africa. Afghanistan and Thailand are also prominent origins of the Manik gem. While Vietnam, Nepal, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Tanzania, are also among the new sources of this precious stone. The finest rubies are from Burma and Mozambique. Henceforth making Burmese Rubies highly premium. Ruby is also found in Australia, Brazil, India, Colombia, Namibia, Japan, and Scotland.

Benefits of Wearing Ruby Stone

Ruby Stone, besides being exceptionally beautiful, has many other benefits as well. In Vedic astrology, this stone is worn not only to protect the wearer from any ill effects of the Sun but also of the various other planets and their relative positions. The Ruby stone is sometimes, in particular native’s cases, specifically worn to protect the person from the wrong planetary position of the planet, Mars (Mangal Graha) living to the development of Mangal Dosha​. The Dosha has several serious issues in a  person's life. To combat these complications and problems, the person is recommended to wear a Natural Ruby Stone. 

          Real Manik is also known to rejuvenate the health of a person and bring power and prosperity. This red stone also boosts the tense relationship of the wearer with his or her father. Explore the detailed benefits of wearing this miraculous gem in our previous write-up Astrological Benefits of Ruby (Manik) Gemstone.

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