Beat the Summer Heat with these Tips and Tricks

by Monika Satyawali digital marketer

Summer is here! It’s all sunshine, beach balls and ocean waves from now. Surely you feel like you got a break from life. You can take a break from your school, university or even work, but summer is not a time to stop one particular activity- your skincare regimen. After the long cold months of winter and spring, you might finally feel like you are done with all that moisturizing. But remember that your skin is special. Just pouring gallons of sunscreen all over yourself isn’t gonna help. Let’s have a look how to take care of you, your skin and your health during the summer.


Dead skin cells alert! You know that cells die and are replaced often. Then why ignore the best way to get rid of all that gunk. Accumulation of dead cells on your skin can give off a very dull and dead look. All that roughness and gruffness can all be taken away - by using a good trusty exfoliating scrub. I found by favorite scrub on and have never looked back. It is finally time to let your radiance shine through.

Scrubbing your skin with a good exfoliating lather removes all the dirt that is clogged in the pores. This means that your skin can finally breathe now. The first thing your body does is response to this is by regenerating fresh and new skin faster. But there is only one thing that you have to note while buying scrubs. Always remember that there are a lot of harsh scrubs out there. Choose one that suits your skin and doesn’t dry it out in the process.


As Indians, we all live right under the Sun’s nose. The equator is one hell of a hot place to be. This means that we get all that bright burning sunny UV goodness straight onto us. Of course, summers are meant for fun in the sun. But not at the cost of your skin health. People with fairer shades of skin are even more vulnerable. Enter SUNSCREEN.

Sunscreen is the bread butter and jam of summer skin care. The first step of your sunburn free summer journey begins by choosing the perfect sunscreen for you. My friend, who is a professional beauty specialist at Pixies mentioned that SPF ratings are mostly just a marketing gimmick. At Pixies, they guided me through in choosing the perfect sunscreen that works on my pimple prone skin. The tip was to go for one above SPF 30 - Thats all you need. Another very importing that she mentioned was that I should apply it every 90 minutes. It's been 3 months since she gave me the advice and the sunscreen has worked wonders. My skin is still as glowing as always, and I never had an issue with sunburn. Go ahead and minimize your damage with this sure fire tactic.


You must have read this on every ‘How to take care of your skin in Winter blog’ ever written! It can get irritating reading this word on every beauty blog or article you see. But I can’t stress enough how important moisturizing is for your skin care - do matter its day or night, summer or winter - Moisturize!

Consistency is the key to beautiful skin all year long. I’ll tell you exactly when to apply the moisturize it though. After you exfoliate your skin and apply a toner, it is time that you applied the moisturized. The clean, clear and toned skin is ready to accept the moisturizer. Now your skin gets the chance to hydrate itself and get all soft and supple. If you want to head out in the sun, make sure that you do apply the sunscreen after the moisturizer dries up.

Drink Water, lots of Water

Around 60% of your body is water! It’s time to forget all about products and get back to the basics. H20 is what you need. All that alcohol you consume, cigarettes you smoke and caffeine you ingest fills up your body with toxins and impurities. These impurities pop their evil head out once in a while and make themselves known in many ways. This can be dull skin, dark eyes and eyes that don’t sparkle.

Drinking water is the best way to get rid of all those toxins. Make sure that you add exercise to your regimen. Working out, sweating it all out and drinking more water is just the best way to detox and get a new glowing you. Oh and guess what, if you are a serial coffee drinker, triple your water intake!

Eat Healthy

The key to eating healthy is keeping your plate colorful. Berries and fruits that are of different colors usually are filled with different vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C is key to keep your skin from wrinkling. But the best thing you can have for your skin is anti-oxidants. Eating fruits that are rich in these antioxidants can reduce tons of inflammation. Inflammation of the skin cells is the main reason for wrinkling and dull skin. Some of the best ways to get these are through blueberries and pomegranates. You can go ahead and make a smoothie out of this if you want. Not only are you going to enjoy drinking a refreshing drink to beat the summer heat, but you are keeping your body healthy and healing it from the inside too.

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