Basic Structure of Diesel Generator Set

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The basic structure of diesel generator set is composed of diesel engine and generator. Diesel engine is used as power to drive generator to generate electricity. Nowadays, the diesel generator is widely used in many fields, such as mines, railways, field sites, road traffic maintenance, factories, enterprises and hospitals and so on.


Diesel generator set is generally composed of four parts:  diesel engine , AC synchronous generator, control panel and common base. The image below will help you understand better.


Structure of Diesel Generator Set


1) Diesel Engine


Diesel Engine is a compression ignition engine with diesel fuel. It is widely used as the prime mover for electrical power generating unit in the range from 20 KW to 5000 KW.


Diesel engine is classified in different ways. It can be classified in accordance to its number of strokes, cooling way, air admission way, cylinder number, cylinder arrangement and rotation speed. The detailed information is as follows:


1). Classification according to the number of strokes, there are two main types, four strokes and two strokes. However, four stroke diesel engine is more widely used.


2). Classification according to the cooling way,  there are water-cooled and air-cooled two types. However, water-cooled diesel engine is used more widely.


3). Classification according to the air admission way, there are non-supercharging (naturally aspirated) and supercharging mode two types.


4). Classification according to the cylinder number, there are horizontal bar, parallel bars and multi-cylinder diesel engine.


5). Classification according to the cylinder arrangement, there are in- line type, V type, horizontal type and opposite type diesel engine.


6). Classification according to the rotation speed, diesel engines are built to rotate at either low speed, medium speed or at high speed.


2) Alternator


Alternator is an electrical generator that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy in the form of alternating current.


A AC generator is a device which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The simplest practical generator consists of a rectangular coil rotating in a uniform magnetic field. The magnetic field is usually supplied by a permanent magnet.


2) Control Panel


The main purpose of control panel is to distribute the electric energy output by diesel generator set to users’ load or electric equipment through control panel.


Generally, it is equipped with voltmeter, ammeter, frequency and control switches related electrical equipments on the control panel. It aims to show the operation of the generator set and to maintain the voltage stability of the genset under the condition of load change.



Common types of diesel genset


There are many types of diesel generator set, which can be divided into the following types according to its sructure, control mode and protection function.


1) Basic type genset

2) Automatic starting genset

3) Micro control automation genset

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