Bad Skin Habits You Should Stop For Better Complexion

by Andy Cheng Director

Everyone knows that the skin is the largest organ of the body, with a total area of about 20 square feet. It goes without saying that it should get enough attention from us to keep it healthy. Other than making us look good, our skin also protects us from the harsh elements, regulates our body temperature, and prevents foreign particles from entering the body.

Good skin is a reflection of the inner health. By maintaining good skin, it tells people that we are in the pink of health. We all want to keep our skin clear and smooth at all times because it makes us look more attractive and youthful. 

We speak with Dr. Siew Tuck Wah, Medical Director of Radium Medical Aesthetics on some of the common beauty mistakes we make unknowingly that is actually bad for our skin! 

1. Not Removing Residual Makeup Before Turning In

“Leaving makeup on the face overnight can clog your pores and encourages debris to accumulate in the pores, which may eventually lead to acne breakout if you don’t clear them out quickly.” says Dr. Siew.

When the sebum mixes with the residual makeup on the skin, it forms a film that seals the skin that traps debris and pollutants from the surroundings. In addition, it keeps the moisture out, stopping your skin from breathing. 

“Invest a little more time to throughly clean your face at night using a cleansing oil, followed by a gentle cleanser so that it does not remove all the moisture from your face.” says Dr. Siew.

2. Washing Your Face Excessively (More than twice a day)

We all know how humid Singapore can be. It is very tempting to wash your face more than twice a day to stay fresh and clean.  

“Washing your face too frequently strips protective oil from the skin. This may expose your skin to the harsh weather and pollutants from the environment.” added Dr. Siew. Removing the layer of protective oil on your face makes your skin vulnerable and susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles.

“Washing your face twice a day should be enough as long as you cleanse it thoroughly at night before you go to bed.” says Dr. Siew.

3. Using Skincare Products with Alcohol 

Take a look at the ingredient list of your skin care products. If they contain ingredients such as ethanol, denatured alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, SD alcohol etc, you should discontinue using them immediately.

Manufacturers like using these types of alcohol in skin care because they are great solvents and helps the skin to better absorb the other ingredients of the products. However, the downside of using alcohol in skin care is that they are drying and irritating to the skin. They tend to strip away the skin’s natural oils and moisture and increasing the chances of fine lines and wrinkles appearing on the face.

4. Using Too Many Skincare Products

You may have the urge to put on several types of skin care products on your face, thinking that they must be good for you. “It is not true that more is better. Using too many skin care products may cause your skin to clog more easily.” says Dr. Siew.

Stick to the few essential items such a cleanser, moisturizer, toner and sunscreen. Invest your money to get good, suitable ones for your skin and stick to them.

5. Popping Pimples By Yourself

Picking and popping your own pimples can aggravate the condition. “When you pop the pimples at yourself, you are at risk of causing inflammation and infection,” says Dr. Siew. You may inadvertently damage the surrounding skin in the process of extracting the pus yourself. Worse still, you may cause scarring and cause Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH).

“Visit a doctor to extract the pimples for you in a safe and sanitary manner,” Dr. Siew added. If you have recurring acne issues, you can also consider visiting a doctor for a permanent solution for acne called the AGNES Acne Treatment. It uses a radiofrequency treatment to target the root problem of acne by destroying the sebaceous glands.

PIH sufferers can also consider undergoing laser treatment to reduce the appearance of unsightly darkened mark on the skin.

Radium Medical Aesthetics offers a wide range of customized medical treatments to enhance your anti-aging journey, making your skincare routine a sensorial ritual that you look forward to every day.