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Athletes are in constant need of nutrition. From heavy workouts to strict diet and the mental pressure to stay on competitive edge, takes up all the stored Jules of energy from the body.

Hence, additional health supplements become so crucial especially amino energy supplements because they are the building blocks of protein. has got the best of all amino supplements, that too at a very affordable price and in all kinds of forms cum flavors.


Below is a quick coverage of all the advantages of amino energy supplements in the life of athletes:

Guaranteed, Balanced Dosage – Amino energy supplements contain a high dose of quality proteins that aids quicker absorption in the body.

Improved Muscle Growth – Amino acids do a lot of stuff, amongst which a very vital one is enhancing muscle growth.

Leucine, an amino acid, in particular, has been shown to regulate and improve muscle protein synthesis post heavy exercise.

Workout and the encouragement given by leucine, together lets your muscles have everything they need to grow and be better prepared for your next workout.

Increased Endurance  Consuming amino acid supplements change the way our body uses your primary fuel sources such as carbs and fat. All those athletes who depend on short bursts of power like sprints, for them, glycogen depletion is a major problem that leads to exhaustion and a sharp drop in performance.

Greater Fat Burn – The method by which amino energy supplements protect the glycogen of athletes is by burning fat instead.

Any and everyone who wants to lose some body fat, and athletes training on a low-carb diet, must take amino acids which will help the body make the switch to depending on fat for fuel.

Reduced Fatigue – Furthermore, amino energy supplements have also demonstrated the ability to ward off the mental fatigue that often accompanies long workouts.

A drop in amino acids lead to increase in tryptophan which then becomes serotonin in your brain and leads to feelings of tiredness as well as mental fatigue. Hence amino supplementation becomes so important.

Increased Mental Focus – By warding off the tryptophan component away, amino acid supplements improve one’s short term memory and processing abilities. It became helpful during competition as you get to have an increased mental focus that lasts for hours.

Muscle Sparing – Furthermore, amino supplements help in controlling muscle sparing, because exercise damages your muscles. Thus, you need to rebuild your muscles and get stronger.

If you do not cater to your muscles then they can actually broke down and use up all the body fuel. Therefore protect your muscle tissues and save muscle degeneration.

Improved Recovery – Next, the amino supplements have shown this ability to increase muscle protein synthesis and also guard your muscles  that means you can easily recover from your workouts faster, and get back to your routine with less downtime.

Also remember, it is during these periods of rest that your fitness improves so to ensure that your recovery is complete, it is vital to consume amino supplements.

Improved Performance in Sports – Finally, the best part of amino energy supplements is that it improves overall performance of athletes. It keeps your workout in check and let your mind operate more efficiently during competitive times.

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