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by Mechcubei Solutions Software Development Company

“We are using, managing and responding to AI at every instant”

As technology is moving at breakneck speed, artificial intelligence helps to copy human brain behaviors into the machine so in your absence, the machine will play your role. Artificial intelligence emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and reacts like humans. AI, sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence established by machines. There are two subset of AI are machine learning using neural networks, which mimic the processes of neurons and deep learning that allows machines to process information for themselves on a very sophisticated level, allowing them to perform complex functions like facial recognition, speech recognition, retina recognition, solving complex problems,etc.

 Applications of AI:

     Chatbot: This is a computer program which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. Example: Siri, Google Now, and Cortana


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     On your phone: Using voice commands to carry out a search, or make a call, relies on technology supported by machine learning.


     On your TV: To recommend films or TV shows on streaming services like Netflix. Recommender systems use machine learning to analyze viewing habits and pick out patterns in who watches and enjoys which shows.


     In your email: Machine learning can also be used to distinguish between different categories of objects or items.


     Smart Home: Today, a lot of intelligent devices are available to make a smart home; this is a home that doesn‘t only connect devices to their users, but also understands the people that live in it and their needs.


     Cyborg Technology: AI will become useful for people with amputated limbs, as the brain will be able to communicate with a robotic limb to give the patient more control.


     Taking over dangerous jobs: Robots are already taking over some of the most hazardous jobs available, including bomb defusing.


     Solving climate change: Using big data, AI could one day identify trends and use that information to come up with solutions to the world‘s biggest problems.


     Robot as friends: Now, a robot is available who can feel emotion and respond accordingly.


   Purchase Prediction: During shopping, customer prediction or interest based on searching history, it recommends that kind of products to the users. Example: Amazon, Flipkart, etc.


The simplest approach to understanding AI is to see it from the context of human beings; as humans are the most developed and intelligent creatures existing on the earth. AI is a branch of computer science where the goal is to create a system that can function smartly and intelligently by its own like humans. Artificial Intelligence is a collection of advanced technologies that allows machines to intellect, comprehend, act and learn. Let us explore various areas of Artificial Intelligence which are vibrant and changing the field of information technology rapidly and strongly.

Enabling computers to speak and listen for communication with others using formal language comes under the area of Speech Recognition and is a sort of Statistical Learning. Reading and writing text using knowledge of language is called Natural Language Processing (NLP). To give the capability of visualizing things around and process that; is an area of Computer Vision falls in the category of Symbolic Learning. In order to give enough capability to understand the environment around and move swiftly and rapidly is the area of Robotics. Capability of pattern identification that is grouping of similar objects is known as Pattern Recognition.

There are two major approaches on which AI works; one is symbolic and another is data based. Presently machines are capable of handling and processing huge data of various dimensions in order to learn the patterns which are difficult for humans. Data is provided to the machine and could be used to plot a pattern, a machine is quite capable in learning such kinds of patterns to use them for future prediction based on what it has learnt. Cognitive Robotics endows robots with artificial intelligence, providing them with perception, planning, memory and reasoning. Machine Learning is an artificial intelligence technology that provides systems with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.

With an array of applications Artificial Intelligence has become a hot technology which every business wants to leverage to their advantage. Mechcubei, is an app development company in India is increasingly focusing on the optimal usage of this technology in more and more of our products. We aim to embed this smart solution in all our products from e-commerce development to app development. We make sure that our solutions offer the best quality and services to our customers and for that we continually work on leveraging the best out of advanced and latest technologies.


Connect with our team to understand how we can help you grow your business by providing smart solutions!

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