Business Intelligence Applications That Use Artificial Intelligence

by James Ponds MBA, Runs the Family Dealership.

Both small companies and big corporations are entering a new world where data is king. Just a decade ago, the use of artificial intelligence in business applications would have been considered something from science fiction movies. However, today all that has changed and now AI is evolving to become a critical tool in the daily operations of numerous business entities around the globe.

Organizations can now make use of machine algorithms to closely identify the insights and emerging trends in vast reams of data and make strategic decisions much more quickly. This potentially gives them an edge to competing businesses for the same market. The incorporation of machine learn into the operations of any business has never been a walk in the park.

However, this can be done simply with the help of tech specialists. Many companies usually get stark at the point when they are trying to organize the collection of data and using it to test an algorithm over the very first weeks of the business. Many prominent application and software service providers have gone a step forward from the creation of the traditional programs as artificial intelligence technology continues to evolve and gain momentum.

Business application developers are now coming up with platforms that are more holistic. They also create solutions that better automate business analytics and intelligence processes. In this article, we are going to highlight the business applications for artificial intelligence and their applications.

AI in the enablement of sales: Apptus

There multiple ways that applications can be enhanced using artificial intelligence. These include applications from Apptus. Apptus creates software that gives companies a list of recommended actions that can be put into practice and can take to have their sales channels boosted.

Apptus has specialized in connecting a company’s revenue realization and the intention of a consumer to make a purchase. The eSales solution by Apptus is engineered with the intent of  having a company’s merchandising automated on the basis of understanding the future predictions of consumer needs, tastes, and preferences. The program combines artificial intelligence and big data to determine which products might  appeal to a potential client based on their past searches and purchases. The consumer then receives recommendations based on the data collected and the unique customer profile.

Business entities of varying size make use of Apptus, such as the Swedish bookseller. AI systems are getting better in performing tasks that involve predictive analytics such as the determination of the future tastes and preferences of the consumer based on the data that they have been fed with.

AI for Business Insights: Avanade

Avanade is an application that was developed jointly by tech giants Accenture and Microsoft. The joint venture leverages the Cortana Intelligence Suite and a host of other solutions for data-based insights and predictive analytics.

Pacific Specialty, an insurance firm that capitalized on the Avanade application to build a platform for business analytics with the aim of giving its employees more insight and perspective on how the company operates. The main objective was to utilize policy and consumer data to assist the team drive growth for the firm.

The idea was to assist the company’s staff to develop new products by understanding the trends and behavior of policyholders using business intelligence analytics. With the world evolving into a future with extremely smart technological developments, machines are set to take up more work that is traditionally done by human beings.

AI for Business dashboards: DOMO

Today, tech giants like SAP are not the only ones who are developing artificial intelligence platforms for small companies and big corporations. DOMO has created a software which takes the form of a dashboard to collect information which is critical in a company’s decision-making process.

The dashboard is based on cloud computing and can scale with the size of the business organization so that it can be used by small, medium-sized and large corporations. DOMO gathers information from the third-party application using the more than 400 inbuilt software which is essential in providing business insights and offers context to business intelligence.

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