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As we know to achieve pregnancy fertilization is required between male and female gamete to evolve an embryo and after a period of nine-month embryo get transformed into a baby then it is delivered. Till nine month an embryo is kept inside the womb of women. This ability of delivery or reproducing a new one is considered as fertility and those who are not able to achieve this moment mean not able to reproduce they are considered an infertile couple. IVF Nepal is working for those infertile couples who have become unsuccessful to achieve pregnancy then IVF is an alternative method. IVF Nepal defines IVF as an in vitro fertility mean the here same natural process is done mean fertilization is attained but it is attained in a laboratory. IVF Nepal has created a drastic change in the life of infertile Couple. IVF treatment Nepal comprises divergent technique so that if one treatment will not be successful than another method can be tried. IVF treatment Nepal has techniques like:


1.  ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) – It is also considered as IVF method which implies an individual sperm is injected into an egg.


2.     IUI    (intrauterine insemination)-This procedure accept placing of sperm directly into women's uterus so that number of sperm will be increased.


IVF treatment Nepal can be achieved in different cities of Nepal because clinics are situated there. Those cities are Kathmandu, Biratnagar, Pokhara, and Nepalgunj. These cities comprise well-equipped clinics and well skilled and experienced doctors with an educated counselor. IVF treatment Nepal has taken a rapid growth among all other health care services. Having no children make life dull of the couple but having children blossom their life which can't be explainable.


IVF in Nepal also accepts surrogacy if the patient agrees. Here surrogacy can be achieved in a 2 way .that is either traditional surrogacy or gestational surrogacy. In traditional surrogacy biological mother carry an embryo in her womb. So, in traditional surrogacy genetic link is between mother and child. In gestational surrogacy, a lady is hired to carry an embryo of a biological mother and till nine months that lady carries a baby and after delivery of there is no link between that women and child. Cost of IVF in Nepal has been considered very economical because earlier due to expensive cost people used to deny for getting treatment. Cost is economical mean it is reasonable as per standard of treatment. IVF in Nepal has been affordable for every people and for international people it's a great golden opportunity because some of the countries have banned  IVF and those don't ban has an expensive rate.


From above study, it has been concluded that if any people have a will and wishes to get IVF treatment than any other country can't give you a better opportunity than Nepal so Nepal has been considered as the preferred location.

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