Are you aware of the tell tale signs that indicate pest infestation in your home?

by Leona Zoey Writer

It always seems like it’s your worst day in life when you find out that your home is infested with insects and bugs. As soon as you get to know about it, you’ll try everything at your disposal to get rid of them, from trying out the much-heard-of DIY measures to calling up professional companies like Boise pest control to reap the benefits of their tried-and-tested measures.

According to the latest study by North Carolina State University in the US, there are 670 species of pests that belong to 305 families, and all of these are found in households of the US. While all of these are not equally harmful, yet there are some that are more dangerous and harmful than others. 

In case you’re someone who is highly worried about pests wreaking havoc on your household, you need to identify the signs of pest infestations. Here are some to be aware of. 

  • Buildup and accumulation of dirt and grime

When you’re handling pest infestations, you’ll often encounter a buildup of dirt and grime at different places of your house, even on your walls. Hence, whenever you notice greasy or dirty-looking blots of blemishes, this is a sign that your house is infested by rodents. This happens when the rats rub their bodies against the walls and furniture. In case your home looks dirtier than what it actually is, you should understand that this is being caused by pests. 

  • Insect droppings all over your house

One more pressing issue that people don’t notice is the collection of pest droppings inside homes. This is one of the most common signs of your home being invaded by insects and pests. Give a close look at your home, check out each and every corner of the home where the insects may most likely hide. So, if you see any pest poop, you can be sure that you’re having pests in your home. 

  • Puncture holes and bite marks

You may notice damages in clothing and fabrics inside your home but there are several other forms of harm that you might notice too. Do you find holes in the floors and walls or marks of scratches done by claws? You can even notice gnaw marks on storage boxes or pantry items. Watch out for electrical wires that are all chewed up as this is one more sign of rodent infestation. 

  • Damaged clothes

If your cloth fabrics lie all damaged and eaten up, you can be sure that there are unwanted guests in your home who are happily living with you. Not only do they spoil your clothes but also the fabric of the furniture, sofa and make stains on your clothes. No matter you’re fighting against rodents and insects, if they’re left unaddressed, they’ll keep damaging things till they cause a big issue out of it. Get in touch with professional pest control companies. 

  • Strong odors of poop and urine

Yes, this sounds gross but when pests infest your home, you’ll come across the strangest odors in your home. The odor will be similar to rotten food or something even nastier. You may find odors coming out of poop and urine. When they die, they leave an extremely unpleasant smell that is hard to tolerate. 

Therefore, when you find the above-mentioned signs in your home, take immediate steps to eliminate them from your home before they cause some irreparable damage. Do a quick research of the best pest control companies that you can hire in your locality.

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