Are Hair Transplant Results Permanent?

by Med Esthetiks Cosmetic and Hair Transplant Centre

Hair Transplants in Delhi have evolved as an effective solution to hair loss and balding. Nonetheless, since a hair transplant is comparatively a costly cosmetic procedure. Therefore the first and foremost queries in the mind of any prospective patient that comes to people’s minds are whether the hair transplant treatment is permanent or not. Hair Transplant is the most effective and permanent solution to hair loss currently. Now the common query is Is hair transplant permanent?

Before we get to know that we should know deep into hair transplant. Read through to know more about hair transplants. Further, we shall explore the efficiency of hair transplants as a permanent solution to hair loss.

What is a Hair Transplant?

A Hair transplant in Delhi treatment is a cosmetic surgical procedure. It involves the extraction of healthy hair follicles from the back or sides of your scalp. This area is termed the donor site. The extracted follicles are implanted into the bald or hairless site also known as the recipient area.

Types of Hair Transplant

There are two widely implemented hair transplant techniques.

Depending on whether the follicles are taken individually or in a strip, there are two kinds of techniques of Hair transplant treatment,

·         Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

·         Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) 

Both these treatment options follow the same procedure except for extraction. The choice of the method depends on your hair transplant surgeon.They perform a detailed examination and suggest the best technique that suits your requirements. That indicates you should visit an eminent board-certified hair transplant surgeon in Delhi.

What is the procedure for a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is the surgical procedure of transplanting hair from a hairy area to a bald site on your scalp. It is a daycare procedure. That is you don't require a hospital stay and return back home within a few hours of the procedure. It is performed under local anesthesia. Your hair transplant surgeon in Delhi administers a mild anesthetic to ensure a painless procedure. Hair transplant is done by the extraction of hair follicles from the donor site. Then these hair follicles or grafts are implanted to the hairless or recipient site. These follicles then regrow hair on the part of the scalp affected by hair loss in a completely natural process.

Is Hair Transplant a Permanent Solution?

The answer to this is an absolute Yes. Practically, hair transplantation results are permanent. It helps revive natural hair growth. However, it also depends on the expertise of your hair transplant surgeon to a large extent. 

The hair transplant in Delhi treatment will be permanent owing to various reasons. The major contributing factor behind this reason is the donor area is resistant to the hormone (dihydrotestosterone). It is responsible for hair loss and baldness. When the extracted hair grafts are transplanted onto the recipient area, the hair follicles remain fixed in place. As the follicles themselves are transplanted to the hair loss-affected area, the hair growing on the scalp is entirely natural. Thereby continue to grow into natural and healthy hair for the rest of your life.

Is Hair transplant an effective treatment for all?

Hair transplantation is not effective for everyone. A hair transplant may be done only if you are naturally bald, have hair fall, and thinning, or are due to injury. Otherwise, like healthy hair, the transplanted hair may thin out over time.

Role of the Hair Transplant Surgeon in the Outcome of The Procedure


Hair transplantation may be considered permanent when you choose an experienced board-certified hair transplant surgeon in Delhi. You should choose a doctor who understands hair loss and regularly does a hair transplant. It is to be noted that all plastic surgeons are not trained in hair transplant surgery.

They should be well equipped and skilled for the procedure. The credentials of your hair transplant surgeon are vital.  The surgeon should be well experienced and have expertise in every aspect of the transplant. Experience is crucial as all surgeons are not hair transplant experts.

Your surgeon’s exceptional aesthetic skill in hair transplant in Delhi to graft hair accordingly contributes to the success of the entire procedure. Creating an accurate hairline design implant for hair implants demands exceptional caliber. This can be gained only by an expert and skilled hair transplant surgeon. 


The Natural Aesthetics in Hair transplant in Delhi

An experienced hair transplant surgeon ensures that the follicles are transplanted in such a way so as not to disturb the adjacent healthy follicles in the affected region. This imparts a natural aesthetics to the hair 

How effective is a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant treatments are so effective that they are unrecognizable from natural-looking hair. This is where other treatments like prescription drugs miss the mark as the patient has to keep taking the drugs to maintain frequent scalp conditions.  Such treatment fails to consider the psychological aspect of the patient’s condition and reduces the self-esteem of the patient. Moreover, the Hair Transplant treatments refrain from any harmful constituents during the procedure. 

Recovery Phase 

It is normal to have itchiness, redness, numbness, and minor pain following a hair transplant. It is completely normal and regresses within a few days. Antibiotics and painkillers are given to soothe the discomfort and expedite wound healing. Ideally, the best way to minimize pain is the strict adherence of your hair transplant surgeon in Delhi wound care guidelines.

The Hair Transplant Results

Most individuals get the results 6 to 9 months after post-transplantation surgery. Some may take 12 months. It is necessary to note that transplanted hair may fall in 2 to 6 weeks post-surgery. This is completely a normal phenomenon. It paves way for the thick lush and strong hair growth which follows afer few weeks.

If you are opting for a hair transplant in Delhi. “Med Esthetiks” is the right place to approach. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Lokesh Handa, the renowned hair transplant surgeon, to discuss solutions that may meet your hair restoration goals.

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