Architectural trends that will shape 2019

by Jerry S. Jerry Stark is a professional writer and publisher

If you are passionate about architecture and every change that happens in this field, then you are exactly where you should be. The trends that are now in the center of attention will shape the following year and might influence the whole real estate industry as well. The preferences of people who are looking forward to buying new properties, regardless of their type, in 2019 are now shifting towards something new. This article is meant to talk about the architectural trends that attract the attention of investors entirely. Here is the list:


Using space

Space is a forever-discussed topic in architecture. Using space properly is different in the vision of each architect. It is a subjective matter that has to be treated according to the trends of the time. But what if space is getting more and more limited as each year passes by? This is a real problem that the real estate industry struggles with at the moment and architects are trying to find a way to respect the new, hectic lives that people now often decide to live. Offering multi-purposes to the available space is a trend that will be followed closely in 2019. A minimal space use with lots of flexibility behind it seems to be the goal of the whole architecture field in today’s society. The urge of owning huge houses and living in rooms that are bigger than actually needed no longer exists.

Architect’s plan and the actual construction

Usually, architects do not necessarily have to be present on site in order to make sure that the building comes out right. The truth is, the architects who were behind the project are the only ones who can quickly notice if something doesn’t look the way it should. Lately, even though they are not required to do it, architects started to visit the site more often and give directions whenever they notice something’s off. The actual plan of the architect should match the final construction perfectly, and this is why they are involving themselves in the construction process so much. This is going to continue in 2019. Architects also have to pay attention to the manufacturers they choose. Any company from a fritted glass manufacturer to a wood manufacturer can influence the final result.

The rural context

There is a new approach in terms of architecture, and it has to do with the rural context. People are now trying to get away from the busy ambiance of the city and build houses in the rural world, closer to nature. In the past few years, architects struggled with finding methods to fill the free spaces in crowded cities, which are weirdly-shaped or too small to come up with a normal building. This required so much of their energy that most architects now prefer working with rural projects, where space and creativity are not limited in any way. Designing such projects and respecting the desires of the customer entirely encourages people to build the houses of their dreams, without respecting the rules and boundaries set by the agglomeration of the cities. The trend of building houses far from the city dates back a few years from now, but it is now growing visibly and more people are opting for this variant.


Another trend that’s rapidly growing in terms of architecture is to build houses that are environmentally-friendly. Sustainable design is now a focal point in the industry, and architects are working for developing such buildings. The push towards sustainability is also motivated by the actions that colossal business brands are now taking to protect the environment by becoming eco-friendly. Sustainable building plans have to do with the construction materials used. The architect is the one who makes using eco construction materials possible by coming up with design plans that allow a high portion of the building to be ecological.

Smart homes

Smart homes are the next huge trend of the year. Even though architects find this a true challenge, the apparition of smart homes can’t be held into place. Technology is continuously evolving and people are struggling to keep up with the changes that disrupt all industries at the moment. Architects are now trying to include modern appliances and impressive functions in their home designs. It is trickier because the use of the space is at the center of attention and no mistakes are allowed. Plus, combining traditional architectural elements with technology could be a true challenge. Even though more work has to be invested into such projects, architects are intrigued by them.

Bringing the outdoors inside

Have you ever thought about the importance of natural elements indoors? 2019 will be focused on including more elements from the outside, but indoors. For example, the use of houseplants is reinvented. Plant-covered buildings are an opportunity for sustaining becoming eco-friendly through better constructions. Architects took this to another level and included plant walls indoors. They might be difficult to maintain, but the effect they offer on a house and the benefits they have are unquestionable.

Respecting new regulations

The year also comes with a series of new regulations that architects have to respect when they are creating their plans. The lack of free space in cities forced the governments of different countries to tighten the laws and regulations for the respective area in regard to the construction of new buildings or the renovation of older ones. Respecting these regulations can be difficult for architects and could influence the final outcomes of their work tremendously.

Glass is the main character

Finally, using glass seems to be the trend of the year. Any architectural glass manufacturer is now focusing on including it into brand new buildings, whether they are personal properties or commercial ones. Glass is an element of elegance and modernism, and the need for space and natural light made it more important than ever. Architects are now demanded to use as much glass as possible in their designs, including huge windows and glass details for walls, floors or ceilings. 

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