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ARC Modular: If you are looking for an interior designing service provider, you should be glad to have landed the right place. Here, you can choose from a repertoire of interior designing services for residential projects covering, kitchen interiors, office interiors, hotel interiors, landscape and facade exterior designing service.

We work with the belief to embrace sophistication and luxury while imbibing uniqueness and individuality in your project. Our team ensures to make it a collaborative effort where your vision and desire combines with our technical efficiency and creativity, which translates into a successful design. Our resulting outcomes are aesthetically, commercially and financially feasible.

Core Areas:

Modular Kitchen: If we go back a little in time, kitchens were kind of an afterthought in the face of a house. If we look at modular kitchens today, it would be really hard to believe that back in the days, the kitchen was considered just a space for cooking food. No fancy cabinets, no matching stools for the countertop and nothing astonishing.

Modular Kitchen design in Delhi NCR

Kitchens have passed that phase, thanks to the ever-evolving technology and our life-styles. Today, they are called the heart of the home as they to a large extent represent the way we choose to live. Arc Modular specialises in making modular kitchens. Your kitchen can be anything you want – welcoming, sleek, or cosy with the help of Arc Modular.  We design the kitchen to be the highlight of your house. We strive for perfection which helps us to create the most artistic and admirable modular kitchen designs.

L-SHAPED KITCHEN: L-shaped kitchen allows the user to place the appliances along the walls with some open space in the centre. This kitchen type especially suits houses which are small to medium in size. Since the kitchen is built at a right angle, entry and exit into the kitchen is very easy. Also, every corner of the kitchen is very much within reach and hence you can easily navigate between the sink, cooktop, refrigerator, dishwasher, cabinets etc.

STRAIGHT KITCHEN: The straight kitchen has the cooking stove with counter space on either side of it. This kind of kitchen is perfect for people who want cabinet spaces both above and below in a compact form factor. Since the design of such kitchen is very compact, reachability to frequently used appliances is very good. Straight kitchen is perfect for studio apartments as it provides a clean, sleek, and cosy look with ample of space for storing pans, utensils, and cutlery.

U-SHAPED KITCHEN: It is considered to be one of the more practical modular kitchen designs as it provides additional storage spaces beneath the counter as well as above it to place some fancy appliances. U-shaped kitchen is usually suitable for large houses. However, a space of just 2 meters between the parallel countertops is enough to make a U-shaped kitchen. Also, you can set one end of the U-shaped kitchen as a breakfast station or a bar even with some fancy bar stools.

PARALLEL: A parallel kitchen space is the oldest type of kitchen and pretty popular among famous cooks. People who cook a lot can benefit from this kitchen layout as it provides high level of functionality and cooking ease. The parallel kitchen layout is very simple – two counters aligned parallel on opposite walls of a room. This kind of a layout creates a kind of corridor in the centre offering space to move to and from the parallel aligned countertops. Also, since there are two countertops, naturally you will get more space as cabinets to fit your cutlery, utensils and appliances even.

Modular Wardrobe:

A disorganised and cluttered wardrobe can lead to difficulty in deciding what to wear for the day which in turn produces combinations which aren’t exactly pleasing and sometimes bizarre even. With an organised wardrobe, you can easily select what you want to be in for the day and be in the right frame of mind. For optimizing the way your wardrobe looks, you can get in touch with Arc Modular to a wardrobe that not only suits your house but also fulfils your storage needs. Modular Wardrobe Designs

Modular Wardrobe design in Delhi NCR

WALK IN CLOSET: The walk-in closet is kind of the king of closets as it not only provides ample storage space but also doubles down as a dressing room. As the name suggests, it is another room which you can walk into in the grand scheme of a house. People who are really passionate about their clothes sometimes go for a walk-in closet as big as their bedroom. It definitely is a luxury to have a closet like this but make sure you are not cutting any important space in the house just to build a walk-in closet.

SLIDING CLOSET: A sliding closet is a modern and contemporary take on wardrobes. It fits well into most room sizes as the doors slide instead of hinging out. Typically, the sliding doors have mirrors on the outside to make it easy for you to check yourself out. Also, mirrored sliding doors give an impression that the room is bigger than it actually looks. Most modern homes go for a sliding closet because of it compact form factor while providing ample parking space for your clothes, jewelry, shoes and so on.

SHUTTER DOOR: Shutter doors are mainly preferred by people because of its classic look. This type of closet has a lovely design aesthetic and suits all kinds of houses irrespective of how big or small they are. Shutter doors have slits in them which is good for ventilation inside of the closet. Also, these are inexpensive option and hence are preferred by a huge majority of people.

FREE STANDING CLOSET: Free standing wardrobe gives the option to the owner to shift it to a new place within the house or bedroom if they wish to change the home layout a little. Replacing this kind of a closet is really simple as they are somewhat portable. Also, you can select the color of the closet to match the furniture in your house. This is a very sleek, simple, and clean kind of wardrobe which will bring with itself all the necessary attachments so you don’t have to shop for them separately.


The living room is arguably the busiest room in the entire house. It is the main area when you enter the house or when you have guests to entertain. A nicely decorated living room reflects the way you choose to live and so it should feel right to you and Arc Modular is here to help you decorate the living room to look attractive and admirable. Living Room Interiors

Living Room Interior Design

BED: Humans spend one-third of their lives sleeping and so the bed should better be a good one. A good night’s sleep is proven to increase creativity and happiness. Most people go for double beds followed by single beds. For toddlers and children below the age of 15 years, bunk beds are also prevalent as they have are compact and give a feeling of a bigger room.

SOFA: An average sofa has a life span of 10 years whereas a good sofa lasts 25 years. The sofa is the most used item in the living room as not only the owners but guests and outsiders also are offered to sit on it. Hence, a good looking and comfortable sofa is an absolute necessity. But you don’t have to worry because Arc Modular provides an absolutely astonishing collection of sofas for your house.

DINING TABLE: The dining table has special significance in Indian culture. Earlier, the family used to have all the three meals together but in today’s busy world, families just want to have any meal together. The dining table serves that purpose as it brings good food and vibes to the whole family unit. Whether you have a extended or small family, Arc Modular always has the right kind of dining table setup so that you can enjoy your food and company of the family together.

LCD UNITS: LCD units for the living room and bed room are available at Arc Modular. You can select the LCD unit that matches the interior of your room. Also, televisions today come in a lot of different sizes and hence it becomes important to create an LCD unit that doesn’t look too big or small with respect to the television.

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