Apex Legends Season 4 Tier List

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Apex Legends just released their 4th season with several new items. With every season, a new weapon, new map, new character releases in the game, and the trend is continued. The character list of Apex Legends season 4th is big, and there is a tier list according to their strength. In the last season, Gibraltar was in the focus, and now it is one of the strongest characters in the game. In the new season, the rankings have changed, and some great character reached to the upper Tier that you should know. Here is the Apex Legends Season 4 character tier list:


Characters Tier according to Highest to Low


Gibraltar – In the top Tier of Apex Legends, Gibraltar still manages to be on top even after Season 4. Gibraltar is strong and handy in the match as his fortified defensive buff protects him from getting damaged and even his gun shield enhanced his defences. He is suitable for both close and high range of fight with a weapon like R-99 and the Peacekeeper. He has some extra health which is helpful at the time of looking for weapons in the beginning. His buff on his body is the reason that makes him stronger, his life longer and durable in battle.


Pathfinder – It’s fortunate that Pathfinder becomes the fastest legend in the game because of his grappling ability. He is useful in many ways, and that’s why he climbed up to the A-Tier. He can go anywhere up from his grappling ability and also he can take his team member with him as well. To get in the circle quickly, Pathfinder can help himself and his team. It is one of the best ability, and it can be used tactically in the battlefield to take down the enemy.

Wraith – Wraith is incredibly strong because of teleportation ability. She can escape from any tough situation and also she can help her teammates from falling in the traps of the enemy. Most of the gamers prefer to use it because flanking attack from ability makes the perfect combination. From season 3, the number of players to play with Wraith has increased multiple times, and that is why she is in A-Tier of Apex Legends of Season 4.

Lifeline – she is one and only solo healer in Apex Legends of Season 4 that manages to be in A-Tier. He has healing drones that are always up for healing the team members. After Gibraltar, Lifeline is the one that is on the higher Tier. She can manage the shield on the players to push on the enemy and also she can use her healing drones to keep the team safe.


Bangalore – Bangalore is a reliable character in the game that can be used in several kinds of battles. In the middle row, Bangalore is always a good choice, and she is better because of her smoke launchers. She can use her smoke launchers for confusing the enemy and their team, for making encounter attack or putting cover for reviving the teammate. She is now buff, and that is why her potential of dealing greater damage is enhanced too.

Bloodhound – Bloodhound getting higher in the new Apex Legends of Season 4. His ability is to find the enemy and watch their location from their footprints. Bloodhound can see his enemy behind the wall that makes Bloodhound a perfect killer. When he kills the enemy, his ability extends to 5 seconds. Killing multiple enemies can make the ability to work longer. His tracking enemy ability in the battle works much better in the close or mid-range.


Revenant – He is the newest character in the block released in Apex Legends of Season 4. He is not that much stronger like other previous characters of the game but can be helpful in several situations. His main ability in Apex Legends is that he moves faster than other characters. Revenant can climb up higher buildings and with his abilities, he can disable the ability of the enemy for a maximum of 10 seconds.


Crypto – Crypto is from the previous season of Apex Legends of, and he does not really fit in the higher Tier character. His ability in the game doesn’t really help the team to win, but like others, he also can use his abilities in the battle for winning. He uses drones that keep him out of the battles, but his drone is wide open in front of everyone.


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